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Accelerating Lead Generation for 3PL SaaS Using AI Personalization & Email Outreach

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About the Business

The business is a leading fulfillment service provider (3PL) that specializes in omnichannel operations – offering advanced, highly-scalable fulfillment solutions for beauty, fashion and wellness brands. 

Founded by retail industry veterans, the company is one of the only 5 ‘Sephora Preferred Partners’ globally, while offering highly-compliant shipping & delivery services to top retailers like Target and Macy’s among others. So far, they’ve handled fulfillment for 300+ eCommerce brands & primarily target businesses doing $5 million and above in Gross Merchandise Value (GMV).

The business’ core value proposition is their SaaS platform that offers 100% visibility into an eCommerce brand’s supply chain across channels. Through their software solution, they also enable order fulfillment, storage and shipping alongside inventory tracking up to the customer’s doorstep. 

In addition to the above, the business also operates strategic fulfillment centers in major locations like California & Pennsylvania to support easy by-coastal distribution for customers. 

The Challenge

The customer initially came to us citing the following challenges, some of which were quite common when you consider lead generation for 3PL:

  • Improving Lead Quality and Volume: The company had a small sales team & were using conventional email sequencers. As a result, they were only able to send 15-20 emails per day per salesperson. This not just hindered deliverability, but also impacted the quality and volume of leads being reached out to – thereby affecting the sales pipeline. 
  • Enhancing Email Campaign Performance: Given the emphasis on achieving a high open rate and positive response rate, the customer was seeking help with lead generation for 3PL, especially for crafting campaigns that drove higher engagement and increased conversions. 
  • Targeted Prospecting and Segmentation: The customer wanted our guidance to employ advanced strategies around lead generation for 3PL solutions and segment the prospecting data further to identify & target potential customers. 
  • More personalized messaging: The customer was looking for ways to accelerate lead generation for 3PL services using technologies like AI and ensure 100% personalization at scale; thereby reaching 1000s of prospects & increasing the chances of a positive response.
  • Scaling outreach: The company also wanted to scale their outreach efforts efficiently without sacrificing the personal touch that’s crucial in any B2B relationship, especially in a service-oriented industry like 3PL and supply chain management. 

What We Did? 

MasonHub Lead Generation for 3PL Results

To solve the above mentioned challenges, the company wanted us to utilize a combination of strategies around B2B email-based outreach to generate new sales opportunities with businesses in the wellness, beauty and fashion industries. 

To that end, Cleverviral implemented a multi-step cold outreach strategy addressing key challenges around lead generation for 3PL services.

Here’s a detailed overview of what we did:

1. Data Mining and Segmentation

  • Hypothesis Development: Given that the business was targeting brands in specific industries, we established a hypothesis around lead generation for 3PL services considering:

a. The prospects’ social media following across major networks

b. The industries these prospects were in, and how they matched with our ICP. 

c. The prospects’ monthly revenue and gross merchandise value (GMV). 

  • ICP identification: Given the focus on brands in the wellness, fashion & beauty sector, the company already had a predefined ICP in place where they wanted to target decision makers having: ‘Chief Supply Chain Officer’ (CSCO), ‘E-Commerce Manager’, ‘Warehouse Manager’, ‘Chief Operating Officer’ (COO) & Head of Logistics in their job titles across major markets. 
Key decision-makers to target when doing lead generation for 3PL SaaS solution.

We also visited the prospects’ websites to figure out how many categories and subcategories of products they sold. If these both were beyond a certain number, it was an indicator of a complex supply chain network – further helping us better position our 3PL services for them. 

  • Data scraping and list building: Based on insights gathered during onboarding, we scraped data from different online databases and even social media platforms such as Instagram based on certain predefined criteria. 

    These insights were then used to inform strategies around lead generation for 3PL and to create tailored lists to aid our email outreach campaigns.
  • Lead Scoring & Segmentation: Once we had scraped the data, the next step was to classify and segment it into different categories. We used a multitude of filtering options such as company size, industry, number of followers and financial performance of brands that were a match for our ICP.  

We also used various sales triggers to make our outreach more personalized & time our outreach to when the prospects were most likely to purchase. 

2. Personalized AI Copywriting 

Once we had the data scraping & segmentation steps ticked off, the next step was to craft engaging email outreach copy that could start sales conversations with prospects who were part of our ICP. 

Keeping that in mind, we crafted multiple cold outreach sequences targeting both B2B and B2C audiences. We also leveraged our proprietary AI systems to introduce different levels of personalization in the email copy. 

Some examples of AI-personalized first lines generated using insights gathered at step 1 were as follows: 

“I was on your website and noticed diverse LED flashlights, headlamps, and specialty lights, indicating a wide inventory and complex supply chain for your brand. Given that {{CompanyName}} is listed as a Supply Chain Director on your team- I’m curious if you have your own warehouse or use a 3PL for shipping.”

3. Campaign Setup and Delivery 

Once we had crafted the cold outreach sequences and figured the ICP, the next step was to set up campaigns that: 

  • Pitched the business’ 3PL and fulfillment services for 4 different segments for both B2B and B2C based on their industry, individual pain points etc. 
  • Ensured high deliverability and engagement through strategies like inbox rotation, varying sending volume and optimizing sending frequency.
Sending infrastructure to power lead generation for 3PL SaaS

  • Used techniques like spintax and AI-powered personalization to keep each email 100% unique and spam-free. 

4. Tracking 

The campaigns were closely monitored post-launch and analyzed on a daily basis. We not only looked at the messaging used, but also the number of positive responses, reply rates and conversions. 

Based on these metrics, our campaigns were refined further in order to scale them & get more positive responses. We also consulted them beyond the campaigns, offering feedback on: 

  • Optimizing sales conversations held by the company’s sales team from among the leads generated by Cleverviral. 
  • Ensuring seamless lead transfer & follow-up; both of which were crucial to maintain momentum in the sales pipeline and maximizing conversions.


32 New Opportunities

Out of a total 115 opportunities were generated across the first 70 days using AI personalization, data scraping & email outreach

6500+ contacts reached out

Through data sourced via industry-specific list of B2B leads consisting information around eCommerce brands and their decision-makers.

12% average reply rate

Generated across multiple email campaigns targeting specific industries while testing different hypotheses and sales triggers.

  • We leveraged a combination of hyperpersonalization & AI-powered email outreach to pitch their 3PL and fulfillment solutions to eCommerce brands across sectors like wellness, beauty and apparel among others. 
  • We reached out to over 6500+ contacts over a 90-day period, which included targeting job titles like Chief Supply Chain Officer (CSCO), Chief Operations Officer (COO), Ecommerce Manager & Head of Logistics/Supply Chain Manager among others. 
  • Our top-performing email campaigns generated an average of 12% and above reply rates. In fact, one particular campaign even got a whopping 31.08% in terms of reply rates. 
  • Doing email outreach at scale, Cleverviral generated about 115+ responses over 3 months, which was a sizable increase from the results of their past campaigns.
  • We also helped our customer generate 32 positive sales conversations in the first 70 days of launching the campaign. 
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February 26, 2024
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