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Generated 28 New Leads in 3 Months Using Cold Email Outreach & Video Prospecting For Cloud-Based Bookkeeping Service Provider

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About Reconciled

Reconciled is a leading provider of virtual accounting and bookkeeping solutions for entrepreneurs and businesses in the US. 

Founded by experienced entrepreneurs & business consultants, Reconciled was established with a simple idea to provide cloud-based financial accounting solutions catering to the growing demand for high-quality, frills-free bookkeeping and accounting services. 

Awarded ‘Firm of the Year’ by Intuit Quickbooks, Reconciled solves the problem of inconsistent quality & turnover associated with managing part-time bookkeepers for their business. 

In addition to this, Reconciled also offers fractional controllers and CFO services – pairing businesses with accounting professionals having proven industry experience across several industries. 

The Challenge

The team at Reconciled came to us citing the following challenges around lead generation for their accounting services: 

  • Targeting different industries for their services: Reconciled wanted to target businesses across industries who would be interested in outsourcing their accounting and bookkeeping functions.

    In addition, they were also looking to target companies looking to avail their controller and fractional CFO services to streamline their revenue & accounting processes. 
  • Crafting personalized email copy at scale: One of the biggest challenges that Reconciled was facing centered around crafting highly-personalized, ICP-relevant email copy at scale.

    They wanted to reach a larger set of customers and send more personalized emails, making each recipient feel as if the email was specifically intended for them. 
  • Finding sales triggers: Finding relevant sales triggers and angles for prospecting can be a challenge, especially in industries like accounting & finance.

    The team at Reconciled was looking for specialized knowledge in finding & tracking different sales triggers that could be used to personalize their email communication. 
  • Improving email campaign performance: Reconciled had previously been doing B2B email outreach in-house, and was facing challenges with maintaining email deliverability & getting more positive replies.

    They needed an expert who could use advanced email outreach strategies to improve their current email sending infrastructure & get more positive replies on their campaigns. 
  • Timing their outreach for conversions: Reconciled wanted to add more high-quality leads to their sales pipeline by timing their outreach as per the ‘Tax Extension season’ in the USA.

    They wanted to pitch their offer to companies who were looking for a clean up of their books & required personalized advice on how to approach this professionally. 
Testimonial for Cleverviral by Reconciled

What We Did? 

To solve the aforementioned challenges, Reconciled came to Cleverviral, seeking personalized insights on how we could help them achieve their goals. 

In order to help them, the Cleverviral team came up with a multi-step cold email & video prospecting strategy targeting different segments and sales triggers: 

Here’s a detailed overview of what we did:

1. Data Mining and Segmentation

  • ICP identification: The first step involved understanding the ICP that Reconciled was looking to target for their bookkeeping & accounting solutions.

    To that end, we conducted extensive research into their existing clientele, marketing materials & even one-on-interactions with their sales team to identify the following decision-makers across major industries like law firms, IT, manufacturing, consulting, eCommerce and  real estate among others: 
  • Owners 
  • CEOs
  • President 
  • Founder
  • CFO 
ICP matrix for Reconciled
  • Data scraping and list building: Based on the ICP research, the next step to start generating leads for Reconciled involved scraping hiring data from LinkedIn, Indeed and other job boards online. In addition to this, we also scraped business directories, online databases & event lists related to our ICP. 

We analyzed this data further to identify specific company characteristics required for outreach. 

  • Lead Scoring & Segmentation: Once we had scraped the data, the next step was to classify and segment it into different categories. We also zeroed in on a few sales triggers that could help us time our outreach efforts to when prospects were more likely to need those accounting services.

2. Personalized AI Copywriting 

Once the data scraping process was completed, we focused on crafting personalized, highly-engaging email outreach copy that communicated Reconciled’s core value proposition. 

In addition to the pain points, we used our AI systems to introduce a variety of personalization elements to make our outreach more precise, contextual & engaging. 

3. Campaign Setup and Delivery 

Once we’d zeroed in on the data scraping & AI personalization aspects, the next step involved setting up campaigns that:

  • Identified the most suitable timings to send out personalized emails based on the information around if they were hiring or not hiring.  
  • Leveraged different sales triggers and aligning our outreach with industry-specific cycles & trends.
Sales triggers for Reconciled
  • Ensured high deliverability rates & engagement using strategies like inbox rotation, optimizing sending volume & even the frequency of emails.
  • Used a mix of techniques like AI-powered personalization, spintax & even video prospecting to keep each email 100% unique & ensure more open rates and responses. 
  • Helped nurture leads who might have engaged with our emails but didn’t convert.
Reconciled top deal of 10k USD generated by Cleverviral.

4. Tracking 

Once launched, the Reconciled email campaigns were closely monitored, with our team analyzing the number of positive responses, total reply rates and even conversions. 

Based on the above metrics, the campaigns were optimized further, helping us scale them to get more positive responses. In addition to all this, the Cleverviral team also monitored the lead quality for further optimization. 


28 New Opportunities

Generated for Reconciled's accounting, bookkeeping & controller solutions across 90 days with AI-personalized email & video prospecting.

15000+ contacts reached out

Across 3 months using industry-specific data sourcing & list building to pitch the accounting solutions.

10k USD contract

For a cleanup project closed by Reconciled driven by Cleverviral's email outreach & prospecting efforts.

  • One of our campaigns for Reconciled helped the company land a deal worth USD 10k for their accounting & bookkeeping solutions. 
  • We used a combination of AI-powered personalization & video prospecting to start outreach campaigns that pitched Reconciled accounting solutions to businesses across different industries & for different solutions. 
  • We reached out to more than 15000 contacts across 3 months, where we targeted job roles like Founder/CEO, CFO, COO & President among others.
  • Generated a total 852 responses through a mix of AI-powered data scraping, video personalization and email outreach for Reconciled.
  • We generated a total of 28 new sales opportunities for Reconciled across the 90-day period using a combination of different messaging, sending volume & A/B testing various offers. 
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February 28, 2024
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