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About RobustClaims

RobustClaims is an online tax credit platform, specialized in managing claims related to the Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credit in the United Kingdom.

The R&D Tax Credit provides a corporate tax reduction for eligible R&D expenditures, which can be claimed against both federal and state income tax liabilities. The company offers expertise in navigating the R&D tax legislation to help businesses minimize the financial risks associated with innovation.

The Challenge

  • Timing the outreach: Considering the nature of business, prospects of RobustClaims aren’t necessarily looking for R&D tax claims throughout the year. Each business based on their fiscal date of the year might be looking for an R&D tax service, and hence the biggest challenge was to time the outreach well.
  • Lack of a consistent pipeline: Even with decent capacity, the client was facing a lack of consistent opportunities inside their pipeline. They had previously been doing outreach without leveraging any sales triggers or intent data, which led to stagnant conversions.
  • Tapping into the domestic market: While it had a fledgling international presence, the client wanted to strengthen its domestic footprint as well. To do so, it was important to have an in-depth understanding of the ICP, their challenges & possible segments to target.
  • Crafting a high-converting outreach strategy: Apart from understanding which segment to target, RobustClaims also wanted an outreach strategy with messaging tailored to each prospect.

What We Did?

Keeping the above in mind, we decided to go ahead with a personalized email outreach strategy to target decision-makers. This involved engaging in the following key activities:

1. Data Mining & Segmentation

a. Identifying the sales triggers & buyer intent: As previously mentioned, timing was the biggest sales trigger in this scenario.

After multiple discussions with the RobustClaims team, we figured that companies that have their fiscal year ending at a certain time of the year had a higher chance of using their service.

Hence, timing became the most important factor in our outreach.

b. List Building and Strategy Development: After in-depth analysis of the product, we went out to scrape a bunch of information to figure out the ‘right time’ during the year when RobustClaims’ services were most likely to be used by the ICP.
We then mapped the data to create a cold list of contacts by narrowing down and researching their ICP from scratch.

This was followed by creating a custom blueprint containing information around:

– The ICP’s pain points
– Their commonly-asked questions & sales objections
– Other relevant information (such as the outbound email marketing strategy Cleverviral would use)

b. Sorting and Segmentation: Multiple smaller segments were created from the list, with extensive data mining being used to uncover insights which would serve as the cornerstone of our campaign.

2. AI-Powered Copywriting

Findings generated during data mining were then fed into an AI model, allowing us to understand the prospects better, and come up with highly-personalized first lines & email copy for campaigns driven by our proprietary AI outbound system.

Each outbound sales email was personalized based on fiscal year data, alongside certain other factors. As a result, each of them focused on the ICP’s pain points & highlighted RobustClaims’ value proposition.

3. Campaign Setup and Delivery

a. Campaign Setup and Scheduling: With the copywriting aspect taken care of, we then proceeded to set up 8-10 personalized email outreach campaigns. The idea was to reach out to our Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and generate new opportunities at scale for the client.

We then strategically scheduled the outbound email sequences to maintain consistency and maximize engagement.

b. Campaign Optimization: The campaigns were further optimized using our 25-step deliverability checklist to ensure that they were landing more inboxes and reaching maximum people.

4. Tracking

Our team consistently tracked the performance of these campaigns – analyzing metrics such as the number of positive responses received, reply rates, the number of meetings booked and ultimately conversions.



25 leads in 30 days

Using a sales-trigger based cold outreach strategy targeted at decision-makers part of our ICP.

3800+ Contacts Reached

As part of the ICP using Cleverviral's proprietary AI-powered outbound systems.

115+ responses

Generated within 30 days of working together via multiple outreach campaigns targeting decision-makers at the ICP.

  • We devised an extensive email list building strategy to curate high-intent B2B lists that reached over 3,000 decision-makers across multiple channels.
  • Our top-performing cold outreach campaign garnered a reply rate of 7.1% – numbers we were able to achieve within 30 days of starting to work together.
  • An average of 25 meetings were booked in this time period, with 115+ responses being generated for the client.
Reconciled email campaign results
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August 21, 2023
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