How to Choose A Cold Email Service Provider For Your B2B SaaS Brand? – [Top 10 Agencies Reviewed]

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Check out our quick guide to build predictable demand for your B2B SaaS & learn how to choose the best cold email service provider to help you with the same!

Running successful cold email campaigns can be a game-changer for B2B SaaS brands, but it’s a terrain filled with challenges. Often, well-crafted cold emails end up in spam folders, or poor infrastructure hinders deliverability. This is where a trusted cold email service provider or agency becomes invaluable. 

With several benefits such as extensive expertise honed over 1000s of campaigns and an opportunity to save time, working with the best cold email marketing service providers can be the game-changer for your outbound efforts.

In this article, we’ll outline everything you need to choose a cold email service provider for your SaaS business. It’ll also explore the 10 best cold email service providers who can help transform your lead gen efforts. 

Let’s get right into it.

What is a Cold Email Service Provider?

A cold email service provider is often a consulting business or an agency that strategically collaborates with businesses to execute successful outbound campaigns for them. With the power of their experience and a combination of data-driven strategies, such outsourced cold email service providers provide clients with a higher ROI on their outbound efforts – ensuring that their pipeline remains stacked with high-quality, ready-to-buy leads. 

Moreover, recent data also underscores the significance of working with an expert cold email marketing agency – with research showing how when done right, B2B email marketing can generate nearly 4400% ROI on campaigns targeted at decision-makers at top companies across the world. 

How to choose the right cold email service provider? – Factors to Consider

How to choose a cold email service provider for your B2B SaaS or product business?

Selecting the right cold email service provider is pivotal for the success of your B2B SaaS brand’s outbound initiatives. It’s not just about picking any agency; it’s about finding the perfect fit. 

Here are some key considerations:

1. Reputation & Recognition

Reputation and recognition are one of the most important factors when choosing from a slew of cold email marketing companies for your SaaS. The agency or growth partner should have a strong and trusted reputation in the market, with past testimonials to support their claims. 

Working with an agency that has been recognized for their efforts & count some of the mid-tier to top-level enterprise businesses can be a good indicator of their reputation.  

2. Expertise & Past Experience

Having an experienced cold email service provider can significantly impact the success of your campaigns. Many cold email marketing companies like Cleverviral and Pearl Lemon Leads have worked with some really established names in the B2B SaaS domain, helping them generate leads for their business. 

Their expertise with specific tools also matters a lot – since through this, they can help you choose the right cold emailing platform, and zero-in on strategies that are sure to get you positive results. 

3. Result-driven Approach

Working with a result-driven cold email service provider can help you generate leads without worrying about investing time micromanaging things on a day-to-day basis. The best cold email service providers emphasize more on the results generated, and also offer performance-based guarantees, ensuring that the client only pays for the outcomes they deliver. 

At Cleverviral, we work on a result-first approach that focuses on maximizing the number of conversations for our clients with their ideal customers, right inside their inbox. 

If you’re serious about growing your business without much micromanagement, choose a growth partner that offers a results-first approach to outbound demand generation. 

4. Flexibility

Flexibility in a cold email service provider is akin to having a tailor craft a bespoke suit rather than picking one off the rack. It’s the ability of the provider to adapt, customize, and fine-tune their strategies to align perfectly with your unique goals, target audience, and brand identity.

A flexible cold email provider doesn’t rely on cookie-cutter templates. They invest time in understanding your brand’s nuances, value proposition, and industry-specific language. 

You need to choose a cold email marketing agency that offers better flexibility in their cold email services and can tailor their processes to ensure a positive ROI on your outbound efforts. 

5. Relevance of Data

The leads and opportunities generated by the cold email service provider must be relevant to your business and ICP. Before choosing a cold email marketing company, check whether the leads they provide fit the ICP, have the required budget and have relevant decision-making power.

A good cold email agency for B2B SaaS works in a proactive manner to fine-tune your ICP and provide data intelligence that serves the purpose accordingly.

6. Sales trigger tracking

In the modern B2B outbound world, sales triggers are of prime importance – as they help you reach your prospects at the right time, with the right message. 

If you’re planning to work with a B2B cold email company, focus on choosing a service provider that actively uses sales triggers to power your outreach. 

In addition to these factors, consider these key questions while choosing a cold email service provider:

  • Is it the right time to invest in outbound?: Understand your business cycle and market conditions before diving into outbound efforts.
  • Who do I want to target with my outbound efforts?: Define your ideal customer profile (ICP) to ensure precision targeting.
  • What type of leads will you be getting from the agency?: Clarify the quality of leads the agency can deliver. Also clearly define who may or may not be an ideal fit for your B2B product or service. 
  • What expectations should you have from the partnership with a cold email agency?: Make sure to establish clear goals and KPIs for a fruitful partnership with your cold email service provider. 
  • What additional information do you need to share to reach more people?: Identify the details or assets you need to share with the service provider in order to maximize the effectiveness of your cold outreach campaigns. 
  • Is the agency in my budget?: Balance quality with affordability to ensure a sustainable partnership. Make sure you’re partnering with a cold email marketing agency that offers flexibility in terms of revenue-sharing and payments. 
  • How long until the first lead is generated?: Set realistic expectations for the timeline of lead generation. Make sure to ask this question to the agency you’re considering to work with, and make a decision accordingly. 

By considering these factors and questions, you can make an informed decision when selecting a cold email service provider that aligns perfectly with your B2B SaaS brand’s goals and aspirations.

Top 10 Cold Email Marketing Companies – [Reviewed]

Now that you’re aware of the key factors you need to consider while choosing a cold email service provider, it’s time to explore a few cold email marketing companies that can help you create more opportunities with B2B email outbound.

Here’s a detailed list of the top 10 cold email service providers you can consider working with:



Cleverviral is a premier cold email service provider offering a slew of cold email services to supercharge your outbound. With a focus on leveraging new-age technologies like AI-powered personalization & sales triggers, we ensure that clients can start meaningful conversations with their ideal customers – right inside their inbox.

In addition, we also offer LinkedIn marketing, SMS marketing and data intelligence solutions to clients, ensuring that they are able to achieve better results through an omnichannel approach.

With clients across industries like B2B SaaS, financial services and enterprise software among others, we’re focused on bringing a transformative change in the way B2B outbound sales happens in 2024.



Belkins is yet another popular cold email service provider offering end-to-end lead generation and appointment setting solutions for B2B companies. They specialize in offering prospect research, sales process outsourcing, email and social media outreach alongside LinkedIn content and growth-related services.

The company also has a software tool (Folderly), focused around helping businesses improve their email deliverability. With a clientele across industries like healthcare, software, media & entertainment; Belkins has become one of the best cold email service providers in the market.

Martal Group


Martal Group is the third name on our list of the best cold email marketing companies in the B2B space. Apart from their premium cold outreach services, they also offer B2B companies (both in the SaaS & services space) with appointment setting and sales development solutions to grow their pipeline in a predictable manner.

The company offers multiple tiered plans including benefits like customized lead lists, account management and campaign management among others.

Thanks to all these features, Martal Group has quickly become the preferred option for clients, especially in the enterprise domain.



Cleverly offers a combination of cold email services alongside other channels like LinkedIn outreach, SEO and PPC for B2B businesses. The LinkedIn social selling and outreach solutions, in particular, are the key focus areas for the company.

Unlike Belkins, Cleverly works on a flat-rate pricing structure based on the number of leads they generate. This makes it one of the most affordable cold email marketing companies for SMBs and startup businesses.

The company has worked with more than 5,000 clients until now, helping them grow their sales pipeline using cold email.


callbox 1

Callbox is a popular lead generation and cold email agency helping companies across the world leverage cold email and other popular outbound channels to grow their business. They use a combination of manual effort and AI-powered sales technology to provide clients with favorable results and build targeted lead lists that can accelerate their outreach.

When it comes to cold email agency pricing structures, Callbox is an exception. They currently do not provide any pricing-related information, and you’ll need to contact them to get a bespoke pricing plan for your requirements.

Nerdy Joe


Nerdy Joe is a lead generation and cold email marketing agency that helps B2B businesses ‘fill their calendars with more sales-qualified leads. Through a combination of cold email services rendered in a flexible manner, the company enables SMBs scale their outreach and establish a repeatable process for customer acquisition.

With a ICP-focused approach around B2B lead generation, the company also offers list building services to their clients across industries. Nerdy Joe has a unique cold email agency pricing model where clients aren’t locked into 12-month, non-flexible contracts.

Clients know exactly what they get and have to pay only for that.

Pearl Lemon Leads


Pearl Lemon Leads is a renowned cold email service provider offering a combination of cold email services including: Account-based marketing (ABM), telemarketing, appointment setting and sales automation among others.

The company’s biggest plus point is their team of sales specialists and copywriters, who draft personalized cold emails and book more appointments with sales-qualified leads.

With highly positive reviews across sites like Trustpilot, they’ve gained a reputation as a leading cold email marketing company in the UK.

N3 by Accenture

accenture n3

A part of the consulting giant Accenture, N3 (now known as Accenture’s ‘Inside Sales B2B Revenue Engine‘) is a cold email service provider offering a combination of sales-related services for B2B SaaS and service-based businesses.

The company has a futuristic approach to B2B demand generation (called SynOps) and brings clients a combination of expert technical sellers and innovative technology powered by data.



Leadium is another cold email service provider helping B2B clients accelerate their revenue pipelines through a combination of data, technology and strategy to book more qualified appointments. The company has extensive experience in B2B outbound sales, which proves to be a significant edge when it comes to choosing the best cold email service providers.

Leadium takes a consultative approach to B2B outbound, helping clients leverage channel-optimized lead research and omnichannel sales strategy to build B2B demand on auto-pilot.



UnboundB2B is a cold email service provider and lead generation company that helps clients boost demand through AI and outbound sales and find their most suitable customers. If you’re looking for a company that focuses on leveraging volume to build your pipeline, UnboundB2B offers a mix of MQL, SQL and BANT-qualified leads.

In addition to the B2B appointment setting and outreach service, UnboundB2B also helps companies through a mix of content syndication and inside sales solutions – delivered at scale.

Build Predictable Demand Through AI Personalization & Intent-Based B2B Outbound Marketing

In conclusion, it’s clear that all the companies listed above can be of help to your business – allowing it to grow their sales pipeline through cold emails, appointment setting and social outreach.

However, you need a cold email service provider that uses a more personalized approach to B2B outreach. They need someone who can not just ask them the right questions, but also adapt their processes to drive predictable demand.

This is exactly where Cleverviral stands out!

We take time to understand your ICP and offer, using our research to create targeted cold email campaigns that use personalization beyond the first names of the recipient. We leverage sales triggers and a time-tested, done-for-you B2B outbound system to create opportunities at scale for our clients.

So if you’re looking for a B2B growth partner that truly understands B2B down to the trenches, check out cold outreach services now!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cold email agency?

A cold email agency, or a cold email service provider is an outsourced marketing partner that helps B2B companies generate a pipeline full of leads using cold email as the main channel. They might also occasionally use channels like social media outreach, social selling and SMS-based outreach to deliver client results.

How much does a cold email agency cost?

The cold email agency pricing model works on a combination of both pay-per-positive response and pay-per-lead. In addition to this, some cold email service providers might also have a fixed, flat-fee model to charge clients on.

To ascertain the cold email agency pricing structure, it’s recommended that you reach out to their representatives or fill out a contact form on their website itself.

What do cold email services include?

A cold email service provider usually offers services such as strategy, lead research, list building and video prospecting among others. In addition to cold email outreach, they might also offer SMS marketing and social outreach in case of a multichannel approach to B2B marketing and outbound sales.

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