How to Get Site Domain From Company Name Using AI? – [Stepwise Clay Workflow]

How to get site domain from company name using AI?


Want to get site domain from company name to bolster your outreach? Learn the top 3 methods you can utilize to do so, especially with the power of Clay AI in our latest article.

The B2B outreach process usually starts with a simple yet challenging task: finding the right contact points for the companies you’re targeting. Imagine having a list of companies you’re eager to work with, but all you’ve got are their names. No URLs, or direct lines – just simple company names. 

So how do you get site domain from company name in an effortless, easy manner? That’s exactly what we’ll talk about in today’s article. We’ll dive deeper into the various methods, learning how to get site domain from company name using AI. 

Let’s get started. 

Why Do You Need a Company’s Site Domain?

One of the most common questions we get from first-time founders & new salesfolks is pretty much this. We get it, which is why we’ve listed down 5 key reasons why you need to get site domain from company names to kickstart your outreach: 

  • Access to a company’s site domain allows you to personalize your communication, demonstrating your genuine interest and effort. 
  • It helps in improving the chances of receiving a positive response, be it for a sponsorship, partnership or even link building among other purposes. You can also add these site domains to your CRM, further enriching your list building efforts. 
  • Understanding the company’s online presence after you get site domain from the company name offers unique insights into their ICP, products and services offered and the brand voice – all of which are crucial to craft emails that resonate with your ideal customer. 
  • Once you get a site domain from a company name, you can use it to look up the prospect’s competitors and the strategies they’re using in their marketing and sales communication. 
  • You can also launch a targeted, account-based marketing (ABM) campaign which usually requires you to get site domain from company name to kickstart your campaigns. 

Method 1: How to Get Site Domain from Company Name Using AI? – Step-by-Step Process

Similar to our other workflows, Clay is the ideal choice when you want to get site domain from company name using automation. 

Here’s how to do this in a stepwise manner: 

Step 1: Import the list of company names 

The first step to get site domain from company name requires importing the list of companies you want to reach out to. You can start off by creating a new table on Clay titled: ‘Company Name’ and then importing the list of businesses as a CSV. 

To do this, simply click ‘Import’ at the bottom of the page & then choose the CSV file option. 

Step 2: Enrich the data 

How to get site domain from company name? - Step 2

The second step to get site domain from company requires you to enrich the data table further. To get started, tap the add button beside the column, and then choose ‘Add Enrichment’ to move forward. 

Here select ‘Domains’ on the left-side menu and then choose the ‘Get Domain from Company Name’ option under the ‘Actions’ tab. You can also enter relevant keywords in the search bar to find this option. 

Use Clearbit integration in Clay to get domain from company name

Once through, Clay’s AI capabilities will help you fill in the blanks & connect company names to their site domains. 

Step 3: Execute the search

In the third step, we’ll need to set up your input and add a new column. Once you do that, you’ll see two major options for your API key source. By default, Clay would be the default API provider, but you can also use the API key from your Clearbit dashboard. 

Simply copy your Clearbit API key and then tap the ‘Use my own Clearbit API key’ option on the Clay dashboard to finalize authentication. You can also use the Clay API key if you want, in this step.

Once done, simply hit ‘Save and Run’. 

Finalize the step on Clearbit and run it for all the rows pertaining to company names

Step 4: Verify the output

Verify output to get site domain from company name

Once the previous step gets completed, you’ll see a new column added to your Clay table containing the site domain of each company on the list. 

In the final step of learning how to get site domain from company name on Clay, you will simply need to verify the output after it’s been generated in the new column. 

Once that’s done, you can simply enrich the data further by adding decision-makers and their emails to the table to get a targeted outbound prospecting list for outreach. 

Method 2: How to Get Site Domain from Company Name Using An Online Company Name-to-Domain Tool?

While bulk company URL finders are an useful alternative, using online company name to domain tools allows you to get site domain from company name with ease. 

Given below is a step-by-step explanation of the same: 

Step 1: Activate the tool 

While there are a bunch of tools available in the marketplace, we’ll be using the ‘ProspectingAI’ solution offered by Marcom Robot to get site domain from company name in our example. 

To get started, simply create a new account or log in to your existing account and select ‘ProspectingAI’ when asked to choose which of their products you want to use. 

Simply start by creating your account or logging in to the platform and choose ‘ProspectingAI’ when selecting the product you want to use. 

Step 2: Create your list & convert them to domains 

Create your company list to get site domain easily.

The second step to get site domain from company using this method is to create a list of companies and then convert them into domains inside ProspectingAI. 

To get started with converting company names into domains, go to the ‘Lists’ section on the main menu and then click the ‘Create New List’ button. Next up, make sure to name your list and choose whether you want to copy-paste the company names or upload a CSV file. 

Prepare your list to get site domain from company using ProspectingAI

Lastly, you just need to click the ‘Save and Process’ to finish this step. 

Step 3: Download the sheet 

Export the sheet with site domains from company names using ProspectingAI.

One of the biggest benefits of using ProspectingAI by Marcom Robot is that you can actually see the progress on your list in real-time. If your list is more than 150 people, it might take longer to process.

Once the company name to domain matching process gets completed, you can export the file as an Excel spreadsheet. That being said, the match rate for company name to domains usually depends on the following factors: 

  • Company size of businesses in your list 
  • Digital footprint/website/social media accounts of companies on your list 
  • Uniqueness of company names. 

Make sure all these considerations are taken into account before exporting the final sheet. 

Method 3: How to Get Site Domain from Company Name Using Google Sheets?

YouTube video

Now while Clay & Marcom Robot are decent tools, there might be times where you’re either short on time or simply don’t want to spend on another tool in order to get site domain from company name. 

To get started, we’ll need a simple Google sheet with the company names. After that, you;ll need to follow the below steps: 

Step 1: To get site domain from company name in Google Sheets, we’ll be using the Clearbit Autocomplete API, which is available for free. 

What this API does is that you feed it with a company’s name, and it’ll respond with normalized data including company name, logo and even domain. 

Step 2: Simply copy the following link on the Google Sheet and then repeat the request a few times on the sheet.

Some examples of this could be: 

You can then use the “CONCATENATE” function and drag down an entire column of them. 

Step 3: After following through with step 2, go to ‘Tools’ and then ‘Script Editor’ on Google Sheets to paste the following code: 

function FETCH(url) {

var response = UrlFetchApp.fetch(url);


var out = JSON.parse(response.getContentText());

return out[0][“domain”];


You can then save this code and in the empty column, apply the FETCH (url) function to get

site domain from company name directly inside the Google Sheet. 

Here the {*url = the cell having the generated request from step 2} 

Once that’s done, apply the formula to all the generated requests and the script will easily source the required domains for you. 

When on a tight budget, you can easily find company websites based on name using Google Sheets and the Clearbit API. It’s one of the best and most effective ways to generate the company URL from their name. 

Final Thoughts 

Understanding how to get site domain from company name is more than a simple step, since it actually decides the effectiveness of your outreach. Whether you choose the AI-enhanced route with Clay or opt for one of those online tools, the objective is to arm yourself with the best and most accurate data for outreach. 

At Cleverviral, we help you source the right site domain and other important data points as part of our data intelligence solutions.

If you’re looking for help setting up your outbound engine or want to maximize the value derived from tools like Clay, reach out to us on [email protected] or simply fill the contact form on our website. 

Happy prospecting!! 

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