How to Find Emails on LinkedIn Using AI? – Full Workflow [Explained]

How to find emails on LinkedIn using AI?


Want to know how to find emails on LinkedIn in half the time and with 1/3rd effort?Learn how you can do this using AI and automate a rather cumbersome & time-taking process.

With more than 1 billion users on the platform, LinkedIn is possibly one of the biggest professional networks on the planet; offering a repository of high-intent B2B leads for any business. The key challenge, however, lies in effectively leveraging the network to your benefit. 

This is where the ability to find emails on LinkedIn comes in handy. Now manually scraping the platform for contact details is both cumbersome and time-intensive. Thanks to AI though, you can easily automate the process to find emails from Linkedin and supercharge your outreach to the next level. 

In our latest article as part of our outbound workflow teardowns, we’ll dive deeper into how you can leverage Clay’s data automation capabilities to find emails on LinkedIn within a few clicks. We’ll also cover a few other methods you can apply for this process. 

So let’s get started. 

How to Find Emails on LinkedIn Using – Step-by-Step Process

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As you already know, Clay is the preferred data enrichment tool we’ll be using to find emails on LinkedIn. With its data enrichment capabilities and integrations, you can even validate these emails and launch full-fledged campaigns.

Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of what you need to find emails on LinkedIn with Clay:

Step 1: Create A New Table 

When looking to find emails on LinkedIn, the first step is to create a new table within Clay. This sheet is the foundation for your data enrichment effort upon which the list of prospects from LinkedIn would be built. 

To do this, simply click ‘New Table’  and name your columns. Since the list/spreadsheet will be used to power your email outreach or cold calls, you need to add a few columns, some of which are as follows: 

  • First name 
  • Last Name
  • Full name
  • LinkedIn profile 
  • Company name

Now you can add these columns later, since we’re going to pull all that data from a single enrichment, which will be discussed as we move further. 

Step 2: Enrich the LinkedIn profile 

The enrichment phase when you find emails on LinkedIn is where Clay’s AI capabilities truly work their magic. Since we already added a single column with the LinkedIn profiles in step 1, we’ll focus on enriching the table with further information. 

We’ll then click the ‘Enrich Person from LinkedIn Profile’ option that creates a new column on the table. Here you simply need to run the operation to populate all rows containing LinkedIn profiles of prospects in your table. 

Once you’ve done this, click ‘Continue to Add Fields’ that adds data relevant to the prospect’s LinkedIn profile in the first column. 

Step 3: Find emails on LinkedIn 

In the next step, we’ll try to find emails on LinkedIn for the prospects after we’ve enriched their profiles with additional data. To do this, we’d look at the ‘Latest Work Experience’ for each profile and ensure that it includes a company ID. 

Clay’s AI will then fetch the company domain from the profile and map it to the table. Once you’ve done this, you can use the ‘Find Work Email’ option to fetch the company domain from the profile, and combine it with the prospect’s full name to generate their corresponding work email ID. 

At the end, you’ll have the prospect’s full name alongside the name of the company and a checkmark to ensure that a given organization is their current employer. 

Step 4: Use Clearbit to give your list the final touches 

In order to find emails on LinkedIn for a given prospect, you’ll need the exact URL of the company they’re working for. This can be verified using the Clearbit integration in Clay – which lets you enter a company name to return the URL as a result. 

To do this, you’ll need to create another column and click the “Get Domain from Company Name” option before passing in the column “Company-Experience”. Once you run the enrichment, you’ll get back the exact URL. 

Once this is done, we’d move to find the email addresses and create a new column. You;;ll see two options next: ‘Data Points’ and ‘Enrichments’, where you’ll choose the former and then select “Work Email”. 

You’ll see the inputs and can then choose the columns you want to reference before running the enrichment. 

So this was it. By following the above steps, you can easily find emails on LinkedIn through Clay.

Over the next few sections, we’ll also dive deeper into the other methods to find emails on LinkedIn in a semi-automated manner.

Method 2: Using an Email Finder Extension for LinkedIn

Another useful method to find emails on LinkedIn is to use an email finder extension for LinkedIn. Such tools are typically available as browser add-ons and integrate seamlessly with your LinkedIn profile to extract data in a user-friendly manner. 

Keeping that in mind, here are a few ways to get emails from LinkedIn extensions: 

1. UpLead 

UpLead: Find emails on LinkedIn and prospect websites in a few seconds.

The UpLead Chrome extension allows you to find emails on LinkedIn and is used by companies like Amazon, Apple and Salesforce among others. Bolstered by a 155+ million contact database, the Chrome extension also lets you add 50+ filters including: 

  • Verified email addresses 
  • Phone numbers
  • Industry Name/SIC Codes
  • Technologies used 
  • Management Level
  • Number of employees
  • Job title, and 
  • Location among others. 

Since UpLead verifies emails in real-time, you can ensure 100% accuracy while exporting data for outreach. 

2. AeroLeads 

AeroLeads: Find emails on LinkedIn at scale.

AeroLeads’ Chrome extension enables you to find emails on LinkedIn, apart from the prospect’s phone number and other relevant information. To use it for your B2B list building efforts, simply add the Chrome plugin to your browser and go to the prospect’s profile on LinkedIn. 

Once you’re on their profile, simply add the prospect to your list before exporting them into an Excel spreadsheet or your CRM.

Similar to UpLead, AeroLeads also ensures that all your emails are fully verified before they’re exported in a separate document.

3. GetProspect 

Get emails from LinkedIn with GetProspect

GetProspect’s LinkedIn Email Finder is another useful Chrome add-on that lets you find emails on LinkedIn and websites in a few seconds. To do this, you simply need to go to the 

prospect’s LinkedIn profile and extract the details after applying the necessary filters.  

You can also use the tool to search for email IDs for your first, second and third degree LinkedIn connections or leverage Sales Navigator to search prospects based on specific criteria. 

Once you’ve saved the prospects from LinkedIn, you can easily export them to the GetProspect CRM before segmenting and using this data for outreach.

4. Kloser 

Kloser: Find emails on LinkedIn in a single click.

Kloser’s Chrome extension is the fourth tool that you can use to find emails on LinkedIn alongside the prospect’s phone number. All you need to do is install the plugin and visit the prospect’s LinkedIn profile. 

Once you do this, Kloser will source the prospect’s business email address before saving it so that you’re not duplicating the email IDs over and over again.

Similar to the other tools on this list, it doesn’t make copies of your LinkedIn connections or read your private messages. 

5. Skrapp 

Skrapp: Find emails on LinkedIn for B2B outreach.’s Chrome extension is another useful plug-in to get emails from LinkedIn. All you need to do is download the plugin, and perform a LinkedIn search with information such as the company name, position and industry among other such parameters. 

Once you’ve done that, click the ‘’ Chrome extension’s icon and move the slider to the right for choosing the number of search pages you want to save. Next, check ‘Search for email addresses’ to save or extract the prospect’s profiles and emails. 

To save them into a separate list, check ‘Save leads with found emails only’ before downloading the sheet on your system. 

This data can then be accessed via the platform or through a CSV/Excel file. 

Method 3: Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator OR A LinkedIn Email Finder Tool 

Another great method to find emails on LinkedIn is to use the Sales Navigator or LinkedIn email finder tools such as Given below is a detailed overview of how you can leverage both the methods to extract prospect emails at scale: 

1. Using Sales Navigator

Find emails on LinkedIn using Sales Navigator.

LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator offers advanced-level filtering and prospecting options for B2B businesses and sales teams. Here’s how you can use the tool to find emails on LinkedIn:  

  • Conduct a quick search via Sales Navigator to get more information about LinkedIn profiles you’re not yet connected with. 
  • Once you’ve got the lead’s company name, use Google to find the website’s domain name. 
  • Now run another Google search by entering the person’s name & company domain in the search bar to check if you can find the prospect’s email address via Google.
    Repeat this process and experiment with different email-based schemas such as the following: 
  1. [email protected] (like [email protected]
  2. [email protected] (such as [email protected]
  3. [email protected] (such as [email protected]

You can then export these emails into a CSV/Excel file format for further prospecting. 

2. Using An Email Finder Tool 

Another great method to find emails on LinkedIn is to use an email finder tool like Hunter. Such tools typically need you to input the prospect’s name and company domain to start their extraction process. 

The next steps are simple, where you can input the necessary information and the tool uses its algorithm to generate email IDs of prospects in a few minutes. 

These methods, while not as fully-automated as an AI tool like Clay, offer valuable alternatives to find email addresses from LinkedIn using a blend of manual input and technological assistance based on different parameters and filtering options. 

Find Emails on LinkedIn to Supercharge Your Outreach!

The ability to find emails on LinkedIn is a game-changer for B2B outreach. Tools like utilize AI to not just find email addresses but enrich your prospecting list with detailed information, streamlining your outreach efforts.

You can do this yourself or hire a growth partner/outbound agency with extensive expertise leveraging these new-age tools for prospecting at scale. This is where Cleverviral’s AI-powered email outreach services. Our expertise can help you scrape emails from LinkedIn, filter them based on different criteria and prepare you for outreach at scale.

To know more about how we can help, fill out the contact form or connect with us on [email protected] with your questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I gather email addresses from LinkedIn?

You can use an AI tool like Clay or even an email finder like to get emails from LinkedIn of prospects you want to reach out to. Apart from this, you can even leverage the power of LinkedIn’s very own Sales Navigator to find prospects based on their email addresses.

How do I extract emails?

You can follow the steps outlined above to extract emails on LinkedIn, especially since Clay allows you to play around with different data sources & criteria.

You can also manually export it via Sales Navigator or use a LinkedIn email finder tool for this purpose, if you’re on a tight budget.

Which is the best Chrome extension for LinkedIn email scraping? is the best email finder extension for LinkedIn that allows you to scrape prospect information in just a few clicks.


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