12 Best B2B Sales Email Templates for Guaranteed Replies


Check out our collection of the 12 best B2B sales email templates guaranteed to land you replies from prospects.

Mastering the art of writing B2B sales email templates is like holding the golden key in the world of sales. Whether you’re an SDR or a seasoned B2B email marketer, your inbox is your arena. 

And guess what? It’s not just about sending emails; it’s about sparking real conversations with potential clients. 

Remember that Tuesday when you sent 50 cold emails and got zero replies? 

Ouch – still hurts right? 

Well, that’s where B2B sales email templates can be your savior.

Writers’ block doesn’t discriminate; it hits hard whether you’re penning a novel or crafting a cold email. 

Having a stash of proven B2B cold email examples isn’t just convenient; it’s essential. It not only saves time, but also reduces effort while ensuring that your emails aren’t just heading straight to the trash.

This article covers 12 battle-tested B2B sales email templates that we, at Cleverviral, have personally used to generate new opportunities for our clients. 

Let’s dive right in. 


What are the best sales email templates that never fail?

The best B2B sales email templates are the complete package – a catchy subject line that grabs attention, a personalized intro that feels like a warm handshake, a persuasive body text that solves a problem, and a CTA that’s as enticing as a cherry on top.

Instead of crafting an email from scratch, agonizing over every word and phrase, you can simply select the perfect B2B sales email template from your arsenal, tailored to address that exact pain point.

All you need to do then is plug in the missing data, give it a personal touch, and off goes your email – targeted, professional, and ready to engage.

That being said, responsiveness is non-negotiable.

We live in a mobile-first world, and if your B2B email marketing templates aren’t designed for optimum performance on each device, you’re leaving opportunity (and money) on the table.

An email that renders poorly on a phone is more likely to be deleted than read, and that’s a fact.

So, as you build your library of B2B cold email examples, keep responsiveness as a top criterion, right along with compelling content and clear calls to action.

Considering these factors while choosing a cold email template not only makes life easier, but also offers insights into what really goes into emails that elicit a response from prospects.

12 Best B2B Sales Email Templates to Use in 2024

Now that we’ve already covered the important components of any high-converting sales email, here are a few B2B email marketing templates that you can try. 

We’ve tested each and every approach here, and the reply rates we’ve received are proof that these methods work – all you need to do is put in the work & make your sales email worth reading. 

Here are the top 12 B2B sales email templates you can try out for your business:

Personalized Video Email


Videos are like the VIPs of emails. They get the royal treatment, straight past spam and filters. 

With 95% viewers retaining the message better via video compared to text – it’s safe to say that video sales emails are the future. 

This kind of B2B sales email template usually has a personalized video showing prospects how your services could transform their business. 

We recently wrote a quick guide to help B2B marketers get started with video sales emails in their outreach. 

You can check out the detailed process & implement it in your B2B cold email template, a sample of which is given below: 

Template #1:

Hi [First Name],

I recently came across [Company Name], and I’m particularly impressed by [specific aspect of their business or recent achievement.]

I made a short video specifically for you to show how [Your Company Name] could help [solve a specific pain point for their company].

I think you’ll find it useful.

Please find it here [with embedded video here].

After you’ve watched, I’d love to [set up a call/arrange a demo] to discuss how we can bring similar results to [Company Name].

Are you available on [specific date] at [specific time]?

Let me know.

[Your Full Name]
[Your Position]
[Your Contact Information]

Personalized Introductory Email

The first step to make sure you’re getting replied to with your cold emails is to personalize them. Your emails should have an introduction that breaks the ice, offering something that’s relevant to that very prospect.

You must also use a personalized first line, followed by information that shows you’ve done your research.

Here’s a template to help you get started:

Template #2:

Hey [First Name],

I was thoroughly impressed by your recent [blog post/presentation/interview] on [specific topic].

Your insights into [specific point they made] were spot on and got me thinking about how much it aligns with what we do at [Your Company Name].

I’m [Your Full Name], and I work with companies like [Company Name] to [solve a specific problem or achieve a specific goal].

We’ve helped similar companies in [Your Industry] such as [Reference Client Name], where we [mention a key result achieved].

Given your role as [Their Job Title] and your recent focus on [Topic/Project/Issue], I genuinely believe we could similarly help [Company Name].

Would you have 15 minutes for a quick chat this week? I promise it’ll be worth your time.

Let me know,
[Your Full Name]
[Your Position]
[Your Contact Info]

P.S. We recently published a [type of content, e.g., whitepaper or blog post] on [related topic]. I think you’d find it insightful. Here’s the link: [insert link].

This B2B sales email template aims to be light and engaging, not rigid or overly formal.

The tone is conversational, yet the content is purposeful and targeted. It starts by acknowledging something specific about the recipient — in this case, their recent work — which shows that this isn’t a mass-produced message.

It’s important to highlight your unique selling proposition (USP) in relation to their specific situation, indicating a deep understanding of their role and needs.

The call-to-action is clear and respectful of their time, and offers additional value without asking for anything in return, which is a subtle but effective way of building goodwill.

Pain Point-Focused Email

Pain-point focused cold emails are like a friendly tap on the shoulder, saying, “Hey, I see where you’re struggling, and I have something that can help.”

They zero in on specific challenges that your potential client is likely experiencing, are empathetic – and show that you’re not just pushing a product, but offering a real solution to a real problem.

Writing them is a bit like being a detective mixed with a bit of a friend.

First, you need to research your target—what problems do companies in this industry commonly face? What are the specific challenges for the role you’re emailing?

Then, craft your message to address this pain point directly.

Start with empathy, acknowledging the challenge they’re facing. Follow it up by offering your solution—not as a sales pitch, but as a genuine way to make their life easier. Cap things off with a soft, non-pushy CTA to conclude.

In the end, it’s all about striking that balance: “I understand what you’re up against, and here’s how I can help. Interested?”

Here’s a sample pain-point focused B2B sales email template for your reference:

Template #3: 

Hi [First Name],

I can imagine that [highlight the pain point in detail here] can be incredibly time-consuming and stressful, especially in your role as [Recipient’s Job Title].

You’re not alone in this. Many of the [prospect’s industry] professionals I speak with share your frustrations. That’s why I reached out.

At [Your Company Name], we’ve helped teams like yours [drop a Reference Client Name] to [describe the solution your product/service provides]. 

This led to [share winning result] 

I’d love to show you how we can do the same for [Company Name]. How about a quick, 15-minute chat next week? 

We can dive into your current process, identify the gaps, and explore if there’s a real fit. No strings attached.

Let me know a good time to connect this Thursday. 

Warm regards,
[Your Full Name]
[Your Position]
[Your Contact Info]

Competitor Analysis Email

Competitor analysis is one of the most impactful B2B sales email templates, designed to pique the interest of prospects by highlighting how your product or service is better than a competitor they might currently be using or considering.

These emails are crafted based on insights you have about the prospect’s current solution and your confidence in your offer.

Effective B2B email marketing templates of this kind clearly and concisely lay out specific advantages without bad-mouthing competitors.

Here’s a prime example of what competitor analysis emails can look like within the myriad of B2B cold email examples out there:

Template #4: 

Hi [First Name],

I noticed that [Company Name] currently uses [Competitor’s Product]. That’s a popular choice, but have you considered its limitations when it comes to [specific feature or aspect]?

Our solution at [Your Company Name] excels in this area. In fact, our [add quantifiable benefit] is a step ahead of [Competitor’s Product].

Would you be open to a quick comparative analysis? I’d love to show you our edge.

[Your Full Name]
[Your Position]
[Your Contact Info]

The ‘Right Person’ Email

The ‘right person’ cold emails are a standout among these B2B sales email templates. These emails are like virtual door knocks where you are trying to find the decision-maker in a company.

Instead of guessing, this strategy involves sending emails to someone in the organization—perhaps not the ultimate decision-maker—and politely asking them to point you in the right direction.

A key in the B2B email marketing templates for this approach is making your request simple and nonintrusive.

Among the B2B cold email examples, these stand out as particularly respectful and effective since they’re not pushing a sale on someone who isn’t interested—they’re just asking for some guidance.

Template #5: 

Hi [First Name],

I’m reaching out because we have a solution that could greatly benefit [specific department/team] at [Company Name], and I’m trying to find the best person to discuss it with.

Could you please point me in the direction of the person responsible for [specific function or department]? 

I promise to respect their time and make our conversation valuable.

Thank you, [First Name]!

Warm regards,

[Your Full Name]
[Your Designation]

[Your Contact Info]

The ‘BASHO’ Email

In simple terms, BASHO emails are highly-personalized messages usually addressed to decision-makers at a high-value account. Amidst the sea of high-converting B2B cold emails, these cold emails dive deeper into prospect research, going beyond just job roles and company details. 

Now while these B2B email marketing templates are labor-intensive, they yield high rewards, especially when targeting top-tier prospects.

The heart of a BASHO email lies in aligning your solution with the recipient’s unique goals or pain points.

It doesn’t just talk about the benefits of your offer, but also articulates how it’d align with the recipient’s specific situation.

Template #6: 

Hi [First Name],
I recently tuned into your episode on [Specific Podcast/Event] where you discussed [Specific Topic]. Your insights on [Specific Point] really resonated with me.

Given your interest in [Topic], I believe our [Product/Service Name] aligns perfectly with your goals at [Company Name].

We’ve helped similar industry leaders, like [Competitor or Peer Company], achieve [Specific Benefit].

Could we discuss how our solution might add value to your initiatives? Let me know your preferred time slots for this Thursday. 

[Your Full Name]
[Your Position]
[Your Contact Info]

The ‘Contact Recommendation’ Email

The ‘Contact Recommendation’ approach to sending cold emails is a smart and strategic method that instantly lends credibility to your outreach. Here you begin the conversation by mentioning a mutual connection or a reference who suggested that you reach out to this particular individual. 

It’s personal and it taps into the power of social proof, transforming a cold outreach into a warmer introduction. This type of B2B sales email templates mirror the natural way business relationships often form through network referrals.

It also significantly increases the chances that your email will be read and responded to, offering a soft entry point that distinguishes your email from other more generic B2B cold emails. 

This approach stands out in the sea of cookie-cutter B2B sales email templates since its built on the foundation of trust and social verification – both critical elements in breaking the initial barriers of cold outreach.

Here’s a short template based on the aforementioned approach: 

Template #7: 

Dear [ First Name],

I was speaking with [Mutual Contact Name] and your name came up in our conversation about [specific topic].

[Mutual Contact Name] thought that my work in [Your Field/Service] might be particularly interesting for you and [Recipient’s Company Name].

I’ve helped businesses like yours with [Brief Description of Your Product/Service], and I’d love to explore how we might do the same for you.

Would you have some time this week for a quick chat to discuss this further?

Warmest Regards,
[Your Full Name]
[Your Position]
[Your Contact Info]

The ‘Sales trigger’ Email

The ‘Sales Trigger’ approach to sending cold emails focuses on sending B2B cold emails at just the right time, when something specific (a trigger event) has happened that makes the prospect more likely to be interested in your solution.

Trigger events can be anything from a company announcing expansion plans, a change in leadership, to recent funding or an industry shift that affects a company’s competitive standing.

B2B sales email templates utilizing this approach are designed to acknowledge and respond to these trigger events, making your outreach timely, relevant, and immediately actionable.

This strategy is miles away from the scattergun approach seen in generic B2B cold email examples; it’s precise, targeted, and smart.

Here’s how to use it in your emails:

Template #8: 

Hi [First Name],

I just read the exciting news about your recent funding round.
Congratulations to you and the entire team at [Prospect’s Company Name]!

This must be the perfect time to further invest in [Your Service/Product Area, e.g., customer support technology], ensuring that your growth is supported by the best tools.

Our solution at [Your Company Name] has helped similar companies to scale efficiently and sustainably.

Would you be open to a quick call next week to explore how we can assist [Prospect’s Company Name] in this exciting new chapter?

[Your Full Name]
[Your Position]
[Your Contact Info]

The ‘Classic’ B2B Sales Email

The ‘Classic B2B Approach’ to sending cold emails is the quintessential strategy that has stood the test of time in the world of B2B cold emails. It is straightforward, professional, and focused on the value proposition. These emails are often succinct and get right to the point — clearly stating who you are, what you offer, and why it matters to the recipient.

In these B2B sales email templates, there’s no fancy footwork or elaborate storytelling; instead, it’s about demonstrating immediate and clear value to the prospect. 

Such emails are generally characterized by a clear subject line, a concise introduction of the sender and their company, a direct statement of value or benefit to the prospect, and a clear, compelling call-to-action (CTA).

Here’s a quick sample: 

Template #9: 

Dear [ First Name],
I’m [Your Full Name], with [Your Company Name]. We specialize in [Your Core Service/Product], helping companies like yours to [Specific Benefit or Result, e.g., reduce costs by 30%].

I’d love to discuss how we might assist [Prospect’s Company Name] to [solve a specific pain point or achieve a particular goal].

Would you have 15 mins this week for a quick chat to explore this further?

Best Regards,
[Your Full Name]
[Your Position]
[Your Contact Info]

This B2B cold email template is the epitome of clarity and directness, which is often refreshing in a world of cluttered inboxes. 

It has survived various shifts in email marketing trends because it respects the recipient’s time while making a clear and compelling proposition.

The ‘Humorous Follow up’ Email

The money is in the follow up – and that’s a known fact. Using humor to follow up with prospects is an approach that can help you get noticed inside the prospect’s inbox. In a world where inboxes are overflowing with cookie-cutter B2B cold emails, this can be a good way to stand out. 

It must be noted that this method is usually based on the notion that people engage with content that entertains them, even in a professional setting. 

Here it’s important to strike the right balance — your email should elicit a smile without crossing into unprofessional territory. Moreover, it should connect the humor back to the value you are offering, maintaining the integrity of your email. 

Such emails, when done right, can not just break the ice, but can also lead the conversation back to a meaningful business discussion. 

Here’s a high-converting B2B sales email template based on the said approach: 

Template #10: 

Hey [First Name],

It seems like my last email might have taken a wrong turn at Albuquerque or joined a secret spy mission, because I haven’t heard back from you!

In all seriousness, I understand how easy it is for emails to slip through the cracks. I just didn’t want you to miss out on our offer to [improve a specific aspect of their business].

Could we set up a 20-minute chat this week to explore it? 

If not, just let me know how to stop my emails from going on further adventures 😄.

[Your Full Name]
[Your Position]
[Your Contact Info]

The ‘Post-Meeting Follow Up’ Email

The ‘Post-Meeting Follow Up’ is a vital cog in the sales machine, acting as a bridge between initial discussions and the next stages of the sales cycle. After you’ve had a face-to-face or virtual meeting, this email helps you to fortify the relationship.

A solid post-meeting follow-up stands on three pillars: gratitude, clarity, and direction.

Your B2B sales email template should have genuine appreciation for the time and insights shared, reiterate key discussion points to ensure mutual understanding, and suggest clear next steps. W

Unlike many B2B cold email examples listed here, the post-meeting follow-up already has a relationship to build upon, making its potential impact even more significant.

Here’s a sample:

Template #11: 

Hi [ First Name],

First off, big thanks for taking the time to discuss [specific topic] with me today. Your insights on [specific detail from meeting] were eye-opening.

To ensure we’re on the same page, I’ve summarized our key takeaways:
– [Point A]
– [Point B]

Moving forward, I suggest [next steps]. Let’s aim to finalize this by [specific date], does that work?
Eager to propel this partnership forward!

[Your Name]
[Your Designation]
[Your Contact Info]

The ‘Last Follow Up’ Email

The ‘Last Follow Up’ represents the final stage of a well-structured email outreach campaign. This type of communication stands in contrast to the initial cold email. It is strategically designed to rekindle interest in leads who have shown initial engagement but haven’t taken further action. 

This last follow-up aims to present a compelling case, utilizing insights gained from prior interactions and tailored value propositions, encouraging the prospect to take the desired action. 

It should convey a sense of urgency, emphasizing the value proposition in a concise and persuasive manner

As an example, here’s a succinct B2B sales email template for the last follow up:

Template #12: 

Hello [ First Name],

I wanted to circle back regarding our discussion on [pain point]. Our conversation highlighted the challenges you’re facing in [specific context], and I genuinely believe we have the solution you’re seeking.

Our [product/service] has helped [mention a relevant success story or case study] to overcome similar obstacles, resulting in [specific benefits].

As a bonus, we’re also offering a [limited-time offer or demo] tailored to your needs.

If now isn’t the right time, I completely understand. However, if you’re still interested in transforming [pain point] into [desired outcome], let’s reconnect. 

Feel free to reply or call me directly at [your phone number].

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Best regards,
[Your Name]
[Your Title]
[Your Contact Information]

How to Use these Sales Email Templates?

Now that you’ve got your hands on these examples, it’s important that you use them judiciously.

Here are 5 best practices to help you get the most out of our B2B sales email templates:

1. Personalize, Personalize, Personalize

The difference between a generic and a personalized email is like night and day. Use the recipient’s name, mention something specific about their company, or reference a recent interaction.

This not only grabs attention but also shows that you’ve done your homework. This is fundamental across all B2B sales email templates.

2. Timing is Key

Sending your email at the right time can greatly increase its effectiveness. Research shows Tuesdays and Thursdays are generally the best days. Also, consider the recipient’s time zone.

Don’t let your carefully crafted email be the hundredth in line when they start their day.

3. Follow Up, But Don’t Stalk

Sending a follow-up email shows your persistence and keeps your proposal on their radar. But there’s a thin line between being persistent and becoming annoying. 

Space your follow-ups wisely and respect the prospect’s wishes if they aren’t interested.

4. A/B Test Your Templates

Not all cold email templates will work the same way for different prospects.

A/B testing involves sending one version of your email to one group of your contacts, and another version to another group. 

Make sure to compare the results, see what works better, and continuously refine your approach.

5. Keep it Concise and Focused

People are busy, especially decision-makers. Your b2b cold email examples should be as concise as possible. 

Get straight to the point, make your value proposition clear, and end with a compelling and simple call to action.

Remember, these tips and templates aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution but a set of best practices. 

Each email situation is unique, and as you gain more experience, you’ll become adept at knowing which tips to apply and when.

Now, if you’re looking for an expert who can help you utilize the full power of these B2B sales email templates, Cleverviral could be the ideal partner for your business. To know more, drop us a line on [email protected] or simply fill out the contact form on our website.

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