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Leveraging Video Prospecting & Cold Outreach to Create 111 New Opportunities For An AI Media Company Within 90 Days

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About Caveminds

Caveminds is a close-knit community and podcast for founders that helps them navigate through the complex world of AI by offering actionable weekly nuggets of information around how they can leverage the technology to make their business more profitable, introduce greater efficiency and grow at rapid scale. 

An initiative by 3 founders running highly-successful businesses in their industries, the Caveminds community boasts of over 10k active members interested in AI and similar emerging technologies – and has an active listener base across all major podcasting and content platforms.  

The Challenge

The Caveminds team came to us citing the following challenges in their journey: 

  • Getting founders to join the community: Caveminds wanted to reach out to AI SaaS founders and business owners across the world, nudging them to join their community, learn and connect with other entrepreneurs on how to leverage AI in their businesses.

    The idea was to share tips, strategies and best practices to make the most of this emerging opportunity & scale their business 10x.  
  • Exploring podcast collaborations: Being amongst the ‘must-listen’ AI podcasts for entrepreneurs, Caveminds also wanted to pitch podcast appearances to potential guests who were interested in topics like AI, LLMs and others. 
  • Selling sponsorships: Apart from its community and podcast, Caveminds wanted to sell sponsorship spots for AI SaaS startups and products that would help them get in front of a 10,000-strong community of like-minded individuals and get noticed. 

    We were tasked with finding the right methodology for reaching out to these potential collaborators & subscribers for Caveminds.
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What We Did?

To solve the above mentioned challenges, Caveminds wanted to utilize B2B email-based outreach to generate new opportunities & conversations with founders and CEOs across the globe. 

Cleverviral implemented a multi-step cold outreach strategy to address Caveminds’ challenges and help them reach their goal. 

Here’s how we helped: 

1. Data Mining and Segmentation

The first step in our cold outreach journey with Caveminds involved finding high-quality B2B prospecting data around decision-makers & influential figures from the world of AI and automation.

We mined extensive amount of data from the public web before segmenting it into relevant, smaller subsets.

Here’s what the process looked like:

  • ICP identification: Caveminds came to us with a predefined ICP segment targeting AI SaaS startups & founders across major markets like the US and UK among others. 
  • Data scraping and list creation: Based on the insights gathered during onboarding, we scraped data from multiple sources such as Product Hunt and other communities alongside other relevant information to create tailored outreach lists for our email campaigns. 
  • Classification & Segmentation: Once scraped, the data was then classified into smaller, more manageable fragments that would be used to craft engaging email outreach copy and personalization triggers for our campaigns. 

    Once we had all of this data, collected and segmented properly, it became easier to utilize them in our campaigns.

2. AI Copywriting & Video Personalization

Once we had the data lists sorted, the next step was to write a highly-personalized copy to reach out to our target audience.

We leveraged the list of cold contacts sourced by our data team to craft targeted cold email sequences using our proprietary AI systems, highlighting the value proposition & community benefits offered by Caveminds.

We also crafted a bunch of personalized videos for the outreach emails to supplement our message when reaching out to potential podcast guests. 

3. Campaign Setup and Delivery

Once the ICP was clarified and the assets created, we wrote email sequences and set up B2B cold email campaigns that: 

  • Highlighted the core benefit of Caveminds’ community and podcasts 
  • Attract potential sponsorships and podcast appearances from AI SaaS founders and business owners. 
  • Redirect them to check out the Caveminds podcast and community and potentially sign up for or subscribe to the same. 

4. Tracking & Analysis

Once the campaigns were launched, our team kept a close eye on the performance of our cold email campaigns – analyzing the number of positive responses, reply rates and conversions. In addition, the Caveminds campaigns were also tracked for the number of times a prospect watched the prospecting video, and the total duration of them doing so.

These metrics were used to refine our messaging further, enabling us to scale them to the next level. 


20% reply rates

On top-performing campaigns across 3 months using a mix of personalized text & video email campaigns targeting prospects in the AI & B2B SaaS space

4000+ contacts reached out to

Through data sourced from a high-intent list of B2B leads consisting contact details of AI SaaS startups & founders

236+ total responses

Generated across 3 months of working together, primarily using a mix of video and text-based email outreach at scale.

Caveminds email outreach results
  • As mentioned previously, we leveraged a combination of text and video-based emails personalized at scale to pitch a combination of podcast appearances and sponsorships to AI SaaS startups across major geographies on behalf of Caveminds.
  • We reached out to a total 4000+ founders and decision-makers from these companies across the 3-month period, inviting them to join the Caveminds community and/or appear as guests on their podcast.
  • Our top-performing email campaigns and strategies for pitching Caveminds’ value proposition helped us achieve a whopping 20% reply rate.
  • The campaigns we ran led to a total of 111 leads being generated over 3 months, which was an exponential increase from Caveminds’ initial numbers. Out of these, they were able to book meetings with 24 founders & stakeholders within the first month itself.
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November 27, 2023
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