11 Best Email Deliverability Tools to Land in the Primary Inbox: Complete List

Top 11 Email Deliverability Tools for 2024


Email deliverability tools are crucial for landing in the primary inbox whenever you’re sending out cold emails.Check out our list of the top 11 email deliverability tools to use in 2024.

Okay, so you’ve spent hours crafting that perfect cold email. But what if it never sees the light of day in someone’s primary inbox? Frustrating, right? 

Well, here’s the deal: writing high-converting sales emails is just one part of the equation. The real challenge often lies in ensuring email deliverability, so that your email actually lands where it’s supposed to. With the recent Gmail spam update for 2024, the challenge is expected to rise even further & companies will need to be extra cautious when sending out email campaigns. 

This is where email deliverability tools come into the spotlight, guiding your emails through the abyss of the spam folder & badly executed outreach campaigns to the prospect’s primary inbox. 

In this article, we’ll look at the 11 best email deliverability tools in the market that you should be using in your outbound sales stack in 2024. 

What are email deliverability tools?

Email deliverability tools are essentially your email campaign’s best friend. They’re designed to improve the odds of your emails reaching their intended destination – the primary inbox of your prospects. 

But how do they do this? 

These tools analyze your emails, check for elements that might trigger spam filters, and help maintain a positive sender reputation. In addition, you also get insights into your email performance & offer actionable advice to improve your deliverability rates.

Moving to the next section, we’ll also learn as to why you really need an email deliverability tool in your arsenal when doing cold outreach at scale. 

Why do you need email deliverability tools?

As is clear, email deliverability tools are critical components of your B2B cold outreach arsenal, helping you land in the primary inbox. 

Here are the 3 major reasons which make it crucial to email deliverability testing tool in the pre-sending phase: 

  1. Improving Sender Reputation: A strong sender reputation is like having a VIP pass in the email world. Email deliverability tools help you maintain this reputation by ensuring your emails are compliant with best practices, alongside monitoring the campaign’s bounce rates, spam complaints and engagement rates. 

           By using an email deliverability tool, you’re ensuring that all your emails go to the prospect’s primary inbox and don’t end up amidst the clutter of the spam folder. 

  1. Avoiding the Spam Folder: It’s a no-brainer – emails in the spam folder have almost zero chances of being read. Having the right email deliverability tools at your disposal helps you analyze your emails for spammy content, spammy subject lines and even sender details – which can then be used to tweak these campaigns for better performance (and more replies). 
  1. Inbox Placement Monitoring: Knowing where your emails are landing is crucial. Are they making it to the primary inbox, or are they getting sidetracked?

    Using email deliverability tools provides you with detailed insights into your email’s journey, allowing you to track and improve your inbox placement rates.

Now that we’ve understood the utility of these email deliverability testing tools, the next section contains our list of the top 11 email deliverability testing tools you need for your campaigns in 2024.

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Given below is a list of the top email deliverability testing tools to add in your B2B sales stack for 2024:


GlockApps: The #1 email deliverability testing tool?

GlockApps is one of the best, and widely-used email deliverability tools in the market. It not only helps you with testing email deliverability and identifying risky/spammy email content, but also with analyzing where your emails are landing up. It is one of the tools that works well with almost all email providers, such as Gmail, Outlook and Apple among others. 

The email deliverability tool comes with 4 main features: DMARC analytics, uptime monitoring, email consulting and inbox-related insights. 

Each of these solutions/features look after different aspects of email deliverability, offering you the resources to scale your campaigns without any fuss. 

Top Features: 

  • Identify risky, or spammy email content for potential issues which are triggering spam filters or impacting deliverability 
  • Automatic inbox testing for rectifying any email deliverability issues & for improving inbox placement of your messages. 
  • Get notified via email, Telegram or Slack in case of any deliverability errors. 


  • Detailed insights related to inbox placement 
  • Offer spam filter testing to check for any deliverability issues 
  • Get actionable advice to improve deliverability & to avoid the spam traps 


  • Has a rather complicated interface 
  • Some users have complained about their email deliverability consulting issues – with unsatisfactory experiences when it comes to landing in the primary inbox 
  • The tool has a steep learning curve, which might be a challenge for complete beginners. 



MxToolbox is another extremely popular email deliverability solution that offers features like free blacklisting, DNS and email tools alongside paid email delivery solutions. Given the extremely important role of email authentication in cold outreach & deliverability, MxToolbox is amongst the few email deliverability tools which offer real-time monitoring around DKIM, DMARC and SPF protocols. 

When using MxToolbox, you can get critical information about the source of emails sent from your domain, which can then be used to combat any issues affecting your email authentication.

Top Features: 

  • Uses technologies like BIMI, Arc and feedback loops which are critical for modern outbound success 
  • Offers a comprehensive suite of tools around DNS analysis, email server testing and monitoring email authentication-related issues, if any 
  • When working on a huge data set, you can use the ‘Bulk Lookup’ feature to gather quick results 
  • Get access to past data & setup configurable alerts for the same for better analysis and improvements. 


  • Offers an intuitive user experience 
  • It is a free tool & doesn’t complicate matters with unnecessary features 
  • You can use the walkthroughs on the platform to make the most of your email deliverability checks.


  • Offers limited functionality compared to other email deliverability tools 
  • Data from the free blocklists isn’t used by any major ISP to make filtering decisions
  • Limited options available in terms of troubleshooting DNS-related issues.


Saleshandy: An all-in-one sales engagement & email deliverability tool.

Apart from being an extremely useful sales engagement software, Saleshandy also doubles up as an email deliverability testing tool. B2B sales teams can use the tool to maintain the desired email deliverability levels with features like sender score, sender rotation and email ramp-up (which helps you gradually increase daily sending volume). 

By using these features, cold emailers can not only gather a solid sender reputation, but also keep track of any issues that might arise later. 

Top Features: 

  • Allows auto-pausing of campaigns in case an email bounce occurs 
  • Easily verify your email list to avoid any deliverability challenges and email bounce back
  • Check the ‘email health score’ to analyze email performance and assign a score to each email, showcasing its chances of getting delivered to the prospect’s inbox. 


  • Real-time warming up and monitoring for any deliverability-related issues
  • Connect unlimited number of email accounts for scalability in cold outreach 
  • Warm up multiple domains and accounts while ensuring continuous email tracking & analytics. 


  • Cannot convert Excel files into CSV format 
  • No free plan available. 


Mailtester: Get easy email verification & deliverability

MailTester is another one of the extremely popular email deliverability tools for B2B, offering a whopping 99% accuracy rate when it comes to email content checks and verification. A cloud-based solution, this tool helps you validate the domains and syntax of your emails with ease. 

MailTester is a cloud-based email verification tool that helps you validate the domains and syntax of your emails.

Top Features: 

  • Has a straightforward interface, hence it doesn’t require any steep learning curve 
  • Easily identify any challenges related to email deliverability in just minutes and not hours.                                                       


  • Easily check deliverability-related issues 
  • Offers a simple pass or fail result when it comes to email testing 


  • No dedicated features to check email reputation and for track engagement 
  • Restrictions on the total number of verifications per user. 


SpamCheck by Postmark: Email deliverability testing tool!

SpamCheck by Postmark is another addition to our list of the best email deliverability tools in 2024. The tool analyzes email content and gives you scores based on the probability of your message being delivered. 

To get started, simply copy and paste the code onto the SpamCheck website, and it’ll return a score in the range of 0 to 5. The closer this number is to 0, the better your deliverability will be. 

Top Features: 

  • A simple and intuitive interface that doesn’t take hours to figure out and use 
  • Get tailored recommendations to enhance your deliverability 


  • Offers in-depth insights into potential spam triggers and other issues which impact deliverability 
  • Gives you a detailed breakdown of the spam score and other similar metrics 
  • Helps in identifying potential challenges before you send out any emails 


  • Offers limited insights into specific deliverability issues beyond spam filtering 
  • Doesn’t cover all aspects of the spam filtering criteria used by ESPs 
  • Offers limited options for resolving spam-related challenges directly inside the tool 


Mailtrip: Email deliverability testing platform

Mailtrap is the next addition on our list of the top email deliverability tools, offering a sandbox-style environment to test emails from the development phase itself. The tool lets you know where exactly the email will land based on insights gathered by recreating the staging environment. 

Users can easily capture emails sent to any inbox created inside the platform, offering a simulated SMTP server that helps you with testing before the emails are actually delivered. 

Top Features: 

  • Easily share the staging environment with team members 
  • Create multiple (unlimited) email inboxes that’ll capture test emails 
  • Get detailed analytics around the number of emails received, clicks and open rates to debug any prevalent issues. 


  • Prevent sending test emails or unintentional spam to real users 
  • Track both the testing & production environment simultaneously, thereby managing email spam tests with ease 
  • Simulate test emails without worrying about any sensitive data leakage. 


  • The user interface isn’t suited for non-technical or non-pro users, owing to the extremely technical nature of the simulations
  • You can’t simulate any real-time delay or delivery times (which is common in live environments) 
  • The tool cannot emulate how different ESPs render the emails.


Folderly by Belkins

Folderly by Belkins is another extremely popular email deliverability testing tool that enables users to locate and prevent email deliverability issues. It allows businesses to strengthen their email infrastructure, increase their deliverability rates and get more replies to their cold emails. 

Folderly’s powerful email deliverability auditing solutions help you conduct a thorough diagnosis of each component that can impact the deliverability rates. 

It also conducts an in-depth analysis of all domains and inboxes, with tailored recommendations to solve the problem. 

Top Features: 

  • You can conduct a free domain health checkup and get the email deliverability score 
  • You can easily create functioning, and properly validated SPF and DMARC records 
  • Get full visibility into how your emails are being placed in the recipient’s mailbox (spam, primary inbox or other folders) with the ‘Deliverability Placement’ feature. 


  • You can easily warm up your emails apart from testing the deliverability 
  • Can integrate effortlessly into other third-party SMTP servers such as Intercom, Mailgun and Sendgrid among others 
  • Easily conduct spam filtering tests & monitor mailbox health 


  • Initial setup is too complicated to understand 
  • Isn’t optimized for cold email systems, but rather covers a wide spectrum of email marketing systems (including B2C) 
  • Cannot prevent the email from being sent to spammy email accounts. 


Warmy.io: Email warmup and deliverability testing tool

Warmy is another one of the smart email deliverability tools using AI to ensure your emails land safely in the prospect’s inbox. It works like an assistant for your email campaigns, and focuses on doing the heavy lifting required to reach the right people. 

Some of the standout features of the tool include warming up emails, mailbox analysis and continuous learning to ensure optimal email deliverability for your campaigns. 

With Warmy.io, you can leverage the power of AI to optimize your email deliverability, streamline campaigns, and enhance your overall email marketing performance.

Top Features: 

  • Get your emails opened automatically, thereby boosting your sender reputation. The tool can also mark your emails as important and move them away from the spam folders
  • Easily check how and where your emails are landing irrespective of the email service provider you use 
  • Compare deliverability and performance across each email provider to identify which one is suitable for you. 


  • Offers customized warming schedules for your email accounts 
  • A user-friendly interface which is also easy to setup  
  • Can help in improving the deliverability & inbox placement. 


  • No in-depth analytics or reporting apart from basic progress reports 
  • Requires additional monitoring and integration to warm up emails 
  • Limited integrations available.



NeverBounce is the ninth name on our list of the top email deliverability tools for 2024. The tool helps users avoid the downsides which come with using poor-quality email lists (with incorrect email addresses and other similar data), thereby affecting email deliverability. 

Using NeverBounce you can easily clean the lists, removing any suspicious or invalid email IDs; thereby ensuring that your sender reputation and email deliverability rates stay top-notch. 

If you’re looking out for email deliverability tools which can help you maintain the quality of your data, NeverBounce is an ideal solution. 

Top Features: 

  • Get seamless integration with over 80 products – enabling easy email verification right from the time an email ID is added to the CRM 
  • Using wrappers like Nodejs, PHP, Python and cURL, you can easily start using NeverBounce in a few minutes 
  • Get free credits to get started with optimizing your email deliverability 


  • Get real-time verification facility 
  • Easily reduce bounce rates and perform bulk email verification 
  • Easily identify and remove all risky or invalid emails.


  • The verification process is not 100% accurate (owing to external factors) 
  • No additional data beyond email validation 
  • You cannot manage campaigns inside the tool. 

Sender Score by Return Path

Sender Score by Return Path

Sender Score is another extremely powerful email deliverability tool that helps you with invaluable insights and tracking around your email deliverability rates. Given the team’s expertise developing similar email optimization tools, Sender Score analyzes IP addresses in the range of 1 to 100, with the latter being indicative of a flawless email deliverability score. 

To access it, you can simply go to the website and enter your email domain or IP address. Once this is done, you’ll need to provide some basic details such as the first and last name, work email, country from where the campaign is being launched and the monthly volume.

Top Features: 

  • Easily identify areas of improvement and perform corrective actions to boost deliverability rates 
  • You can easily  set up and manage the feedback loops using the ‘Universal Feedback Loop’ tool 
  • Get in-depth insights about the eminent mailbox providers within your email list itself. 


  • You can check sender reputation for free 
  • The tool assigns a reputation score which indicates the sending reputation for a given IP address 
  • Get in-depth insights into the manner in which email receivers perceive your sender reputation. 


  • Limited insights into specific deliverability issues 
  • Doesn’t offer real-time insights and often experiences delay in updating the reputation scores 
  • Offers limited tools to resolve sender reputation-related problems. 



MailMonitor is the final name on our list of email deliverability tools, which offers an all-in-one email marketing solution that enhances your email performance using advanced monitoring, testing and reporting features. 

You can easily analyze the sender reputation across email platforms, and use real-time email tracking features to measure how effective your campaigns are. All of this makes data-driven decisions easier and helps in optimizing campaigns further. 

Top Features: 

  • Preview where your emails are landing before you send them 
  • Easily monitor and optimize sender reputation for a positive email deliverability rate 
  • Has multiple features and tools which can optimize the inbox placement without compromising the deliverability. 


  • Offers real-time email delivery tracking and analysis 
  • Identify and counter deliverability-related problems 
  • Easily perform spam filter testing and feedback loop monitoring functions.


  • Doesn’t offer a lot of customization when it comes to reports 
  • Has poor customer service functions 
  • No advanced reporting and analytics-related features.

Final Thoughts 

In conclusion, email deliverability tools are indispensable for the success of your outbound email campaigns. They’re not just about sending emails; they’re about making sure your emails are seen, read, and engaged with.

That being said, managing an entire email infrastructure can be daunting, especially when it comes to deliverability. 

That’s where Cleverviral’s expertise comes into play. Our email deliverability consulting solutions are designed to tackle these challenges head-on. 

So if you’re encountering problems landing your emails in the primary inbox & need expert assistance, feel free to connect with our experts at [email protected] for personalized assistance in enhancing your email deliverability.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is email deliverability software?

Email deliverability tools are designed to enhance the likelihood of your emails successfully reaching recipients’ inboxes.

They help you manage and improve sender reputation, reducing the chances of emails being marked as spam, and offering insights into how different email servers and filters might perceive your messages.

How can I enhance email deliverability?

To enhance email deliverability, you need to:

– Implement proper email authentication
– Properly allocate IP addresses
– Write subject lines that don’t sound spammy
– Have a clean, error-free email list
– Send personalized emails

There are a few other things you can do, which are listed here.

What defines good email deliverability?

A deliverability rate of more than 95% is considered good enough to keep your emails out of the spam folders & land in the primary inbox.

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