Strategically-led Lead Research Services for B2B SaaS

Stop engaging with low-quality, unqualified leads that don’t convert  — leverage the power of contextually-driven, intent-based B2B data to create opportunities with prospects that have a higher chance of converting into paying customers.

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B2B SaaS business looking for high-quality, more accurate B2B data?

See how our B2B lead research services help you find, filter and leverage high-intent, more qualified prospects for your B2B SaaS business. 

Poor quality of customer data leading to lower conversions
High quality, intent-based customer data optimized for conversions
Reaching out to potential customers with no clear interest can make outbound tough
We find intent-based data with zero bounces and highly relevant messaging
Limited knowledge of technologies used by your target customer
Better understanding of your ideal customer’s current tech stack & product requirements
Lack of insight into the needs & pain points of your ideal customer
Better understanding of your customers’ pain leading to increased pipeline and revenue growth
Ineffective personalization of sales & marketing efforts
In-depth understanding of your target market for more personalized outreach & segmentation

Our Process

How Our B2B Lead Research Services Work?

Discover our unique approach to lead generation research that helps us find, collect and enrich new, more engaged prospects for your B2B campaigns.


Craft Your Buyer Persona

Understand the roles, pain points, and motivations of your ICP

Process Data list
Process ICP Research

Collecting & Verifying Prospect Data

Sourcing, analysis and cleaning of your B2B prospect data

Intent-Driven List Creation

Create B2B prospect lists with a higher chance of conversions

Process Intent Data

Case Studies

Real Conversations, Real Results

Check out how our B2B lead research services help our clients build genuine connections that last.

B2B Lead Research Tactics We Use

Here’s an overview of tactics covered as part of our B2B lead research services that help in growing your SaaS business. 

Data Mining
Firmographic Data Analysis
Technographic Data Analysis
Lead scoring & list creation
Sales triggers

Increase ROI with Targeted Outbound Campaigns

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Frequently Asked Questions

Common lead generation research tasks include collecting, analyzing and segmenting B2B data related to prospective customers. Our B2B lead research services include everything from data mining to verification, followed by lead scoring and segmentation. 

Yes, lead research is the first and most important step of any B2B lead generation process. It has the power to produce incredible results, especially when combined with a great messaging and offer. 

Cleverviral’s B2B lead research services focus on pulling high-intent, sales trigger-based data from the public web. This ensures that your outreach efforts are perfectly-timed and highly relevant, leading to higher conversions.

Partnering with a B2B lead generation agency like Cleverviral that offers specialized lead research services can significantly elevate your outreach efforts. 

At Cleverviral, our approach makes use of two key principles: timing & accuracy of data, ensuring that you’re targeting prospects who genuinely need your solutions.

By leveraging advanced techniques and sales triggers for B2B SaaS, we further dial in prospects with the highest intent,  saving you both time and resources. 

While closely related, lead research and lead generation are two distinct processes. 

Lead generation is the broader concept involving identifying and attracting potential customers or leads through various outreach channels.

In contrast, lead research is a subset of lead generation involving gathering, analysis, and qualification of prospect data to determine their suitability and readiness for conversion.  

The latter is what we focus on with our B2B lead research services at Cleverviral. 

Our B2B lead research services involve extensive email verification of B2B prospect data to ensure that only the prospects with the highest intent to buy or consider are being reached out to. 

We also make use of multiple technologies & in-house techniques for B2B data verification. 

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