19 Best B2B Sales Prospecting Tools for 2024

19 Amazing B2B Sales Prospecting Tools


Want to increase sales productivity while stacking your pipeline with high-quality leads? Check out these 19 amazing B2B sales prospecting tools based on their use cases & effectiveness for your sales teams!

As a salesperson, 90% of your life revolves around how you feed your company’s sales pipeline with fresh, high-intent leads that can convert into a slew of paid customers. From making cold calls to sending outreach emails – you need to be on the heels every single time. 

And yet, most salespeople are spending just about 35.6% of their time selling to prospective customers. Needless to say, the grunt work involved in setting up all of these processes takes up the majority of their time, making sales folks non-productive and leaving them playing catch-up with monthly quotas. 

This is exactly where B2B sales prospecting tools come into the picture. Not only do they help you automate your sales processes, but also reach out to more customers and close better deals, faster. 

In this article, we’ll be diving deep into the 20 best B2B sales prospecting tools for your sales stack based on the following aspects: 

  • Use cases 
  • Features
  • Pricing 

 But before that….let’s understand what these tools really are about! 

What Are B2B Sales Prospecting Tools?

What are B2B sales prospecting tools? - A Guide

B2B sales prospecting tools are designed to automate & simplify the process of identifying and reaching out to prospects. They usually have features required for B2B sales – including lead generation, data enrichment, sales qualification and workflow automation. 

By using such tools, B2B sales teams can not only improve productivity, but also close more deals. Recent studies have underscored this fact, with a recent Salesforce report indicating that high-performing sales teams are 3.5x more likely to use sales analytics than their underperforming counterparts. 

This not only validates the utility of sales prospecting tools, but also the role they play in enhancing overall sales performance. 

Why Do You Need B2B Sales Prospecting Tools?

Now that we know what these sales prospecting tools are, it’s crucial to understand the long-term value they bring to the table. 

Here are some common challenges that B2B sales teams face which make it crucial to have a sales prospecting toolkit at your disposal: 

  1. Data overload: The problem of data overload is one of the key challenges to effective B2B outreach in 2024. The difference between a valuable lead & a dead end often rests on your ability to dig deeper & find high-quality leads likely to convert. This is where sales prospecting tools come into play. They use advanced algorithms to sift through data, identifying patterns and insights that a normal person might miss. 

As per IBM, over 90% of publicly-available data has been created in the last 2 years alone. In industries like healthcare and finance, where the implications of targeting the right stakeholders are enormous; these tools not only save time but also ensure that your outreach is both relevant & highly-effective. 

  1. Targeting the right kind of leads: B2B prospecting is as much about quality as it is about quantity. With only 27% of leads sent to sales being sales-ready, it’s important to optimize your targeting for better results. 

B2B sales prospecting tools address this by enabling more precise targeting – analyzing multiple data points to score leads, ensuring that sales efforts are focused on those with the highest conversion potential.

  1. Non-personalized outreach: In B2B sales, personalization is key to successful outreach. However, personalizing at scale can be challenging. Sales prospecting tools bridge this gap by automating the process while still allowing for individualized communication. 
  1. Slow sales cycle: The length of the sales cycle is a critical factor in B2B environments. Tools that help prioritize leads can significantly shorten this cycle.

    In industries like manufacturing, where sales cycles are long and complex, prioritizing  leads based on their potential to convert can drastically reduce the time spent on unproductive prospects. 

Best B2B Sales Prospecting Tools – [Reviewed]

Now that we’ve explored the need for B2B sales prospecting tools, it’s time to dive deeper into the options at your disposal. 

Given below is a list of the 20 best B2B sales prospecting tools you can try out in 2024 based on their use cases:  

Use case 1: Prospect List Building

Prospect list building is crucial for B2B outreach as it ensures that sales efforts are directed toward the most relevant and potentially profitable leads, thereby increasing efficiency and success rates. 

Here are the top B2B sales prospecting tools for list building: 

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator - One of the best B2B sales prospecting tools for list building

Given the 1 billion-strong user base of LinkedIn, its Sales Navigator is amongst the best B2B sales prospecting tools. The tool offers a slew of advanced features that make it easy to build high-intent lead lists for outreach. You can search for people using criteria like company size, industry, seniority level and the activity level of prospects on LinkedIn. 

One can also save leads in curated lists and download them to use for email prospecting as well. 

Top Features: 

  • Easy prospect list creation 
  • InMail messaging 
  • Easy CRM integration and prospect search 
  • Real-time updates on job changes, company developments & recent events 

Pricing: Contrary to popular belief, LinkedIn Sales Nav isn’t a free sales prospecting tool. The ‘Core’ plan costs about $99/month and goes up to $1600/month for the Advanced plan. 



While it usually finds a mention as a data enrichment tool, Clearbit is also a great list building tool. You can use the tool in combination with the Salesforce CRM to create high-intent lead lists based on the website visitors who come to your website. 

The tool has both US & European prospect data from multiple sources including social media & company websites among others.

Top Features: 

  • Understand who your anonymous website visitors and their intent to buy 
  • Create targeted campaign lists based on territories and other similar filters 

Pricing: The free plan is available with 25 credits available each month, and the ‘Growth’ plan usually ranges between $25 to $275/per month. That being said, you can connect with them for a customized pricing under the ‘Enterprise’ plan. 


VoilaNorbert - An effective list-building tool for B2B teams

VoilaNorbert is amongst the best B2B sales prospecting tools for sourcing prospect emails. You simply need to enter the prospect’s name and the organization they work for, and the tool will return their email addresses that you can then use to enrich your prospect database. 

While they’re more of a B2B email finder than a list building tool, it can really help you up your prospecting game with high-quality leads data. 

Top Features: 

  • Find emails of any prospect based on their name & designation and/or company name 
  • You can also verify your prospect emails to avoid reaching out to low-quality leads 
  • Enrich your existing prospect data with additional information 

Pricing: The pricing plan for this sales prospecting tool starts at $49/month for prospecting-related tasks.


Apollo.io - B2B list building at scale

With over 220 million contacts in their database, Apollo.io is amongst the market-leading B2B sales prospecting tools. You can use different sales triggers to narrow down your list, filter out any existing leads and update lists with additional data points for campaigns. 

Top Features: 

  • Save and export high-quality B2B lead lists with the latest prospect information 
  • Use sales triggers and filters to create high-intent lead lists 
  • Set up ‘job change alerts’ using titles from your ICP and other keywords 

Pricing: The basic annual plan starts at $49 per user per month, while the monthly plan starts at $59 per user per month. 


Hunter.io - Find prospect emails with ease for B2B list building

Hunter.io is another popular sales prospecting tool which connects you to decision-makers at target companies using their email addresses. In addition to this, you can also score each lead with a ‘confidence score’ and verify prospect emails to ensure no deliverability issues crop up later. 

The company also allows you to set up basic email campaigns, integrate your CRMs and enrich your list with additional information; similar to Apollo. 

Top Features: 

  • Find verified email addresses of prospects 
  • Enrich existing lead lists with additional prospect information
  • Launch cold email campaigns from within Hunter itself 

Pricing: Otherwise known as one of the top free sales prospecting tools, Hunter.io also has a starting price of $34/month in their basic plan, which then goes up to $349/year.

Use case 2: Data enrichment

While a huge lead list is crucial for better results, it’s important to focus on the quality as well. Data enrichment helps you do exactly that, by enhancing and refining raw data with additional data points. 

Here are the top 4 B2B sales prospecting tools for data enrichment: 


Cognism: The #1 B2B sales prospecting tool for data enrichment

Cognism is amongst the leading B2B sales prospecting tools, offering account and contact data enrichment features. Using their enrichment tools, Cognism allows you to combine the impact of high-quality intent data and sales triggers for better B2B outreach. 

You can simply enrich your existing data with new data points inside your CRM, schedule enrichment tasks and integrate the software with other applications in your sales stack. 

Top Features:

  • Implement data cleansing to prevent data decay & enrich your database with new information and data fields  
  • Empower your list building process with sales triggers & intent data 
  • Find verified contact information to enrich your database. 

Pricing: The product offers customized pricing based on your requirements (on a request basis).


Ocean.io - A B2B data enrichment tool based on AI

Ocean.io is uniquely positioned as a B2B sales prospecting tool focused on account-based marketing. Using the transformative capabilities of AI, the tool allows sales teams to identify and engage with their ideal prospects. 

The software includes a mix of company data enrichment, account-based prospecting features and a CRM integration. You can even create lookalikes of your prospect list and use it to power your outbound campaigns. 

Top Features: 

  • Create lookalikes of your best customers, identify new markets and segments by indexing a huge number of websites and using AI for clustering
  • Tap into a 13,000-strong topic list, helping you track what prospects are searching for when they look up your solution online 
  •  Easy integration with major CRM tools like Pipedrive, Hubspot and Salesforce.

Pricing: The minimum pricing of the tool starts at $275 per month. That being said, you’ll need to individually request a quote based on your requirements. 

Clay AI

Clay AI: Personalized data enrichment & B2B sales prospecting tool

Clay AI is one of the best B2B sales prospecting tools and data automation platforms. With over 50 third-party integrations and real-time data scraping, the tool allows you to build workflows for different use cases and industries. 

Users can set up triggers based on different criteria, and use a combination of technographic, demographic and firmographic data to enrich their prospect lists as well. When used properly, it’s one of the best options to automate your outbound from start to end. 

Top Features: 

  • Discover new insights and enrich existing prospecting data using LinkedIn, Google Maps and other relevant sources
  • Clay AI offers ‘waterfall enrichment’ features that’ll help you check data against multiple sources & add it to your database 
  • Easily integrates with CRMs like Hubspot and Salesforce, while also using ChatGPT to write personalized cold emails at scale. 

Pricing: While the free plan exists, you’ll need to invest at least in the ‘Starter’ plan, which starts at $149/month.


Leadfeeder: B2B Sales Prospecting Tool Based on Website Visitor Data!

Leadfeeder is a website analytics and data enrichment platform that assists companies find potential prospects by leveraging website visitor data.

As a salesperson, you can start enriching your existing lead lists with additional company details and LinkedIn profiles among other sources – thereby helping them prioritize leads with the maximum conversion potential.   

Top Features: 

  • Enrich prospect lists with website visitor data 
  • Find prospect emails and social profiles based on multiple filters 
  • Set up alerts and assign specific prospects to specific sales teams. 

Pricing: Leadfeeder has a free and paid plan, where the latter costs users around €139/month paid annually. 

Use case 3: Email Verification

Email verification is yet another key component of B2B cold outreach. It not only helps you verify prospect details, but also avoid landing in spam when sending sales emails at scale. 

Given below is a list of sales prospecting tools focused on email verification: 


MillionVerifier: Easy B2B Email Verification

MillionVerifier is one of the best B2B sales prospecting tools for email verification. Targeted at businesses, it helps them generate SMTP connections and authenticate lead lists using a combination of syntax checks & IP address verification. 

Based on the results, salespeople can remove low-quality email addresses from their prospect lists – thereby increasing the possibility of positive replies on outreach campaigns. 


Reduce spam complaints & land in the primary inbox with email verification from MyEmailVerifier!

MyEmailVerifier is another extremely popular email verification service, offering 98% accuracy on email deliverability. The tool usually checks email syntax apart from checking the validity of the MX records as well. 

In addition to the above, MyEmailVerifier offers bulk email verification to ensure you have an accurate and squeaky-clean lead list. 

If you’re looking for an email verification that has a bunch of advanced features and can help keep your messages out of spam, this is the perfect option. 

Top Features: 

  • Detailed reporting for in-depth insights about the verified email checks 
  • Also offers API integration with a slew of tools and third-party applications
  • Easy email verification for bulk emails through syntax and domain checks 

Pricing: For 10,000 emails, the pricing is at $39/month. Similar to MillionVerifier, though, this price can change based on the number of emails being checked. 

Use case 4: Sales Engagement

While the previous use cases were concerned with sourcing & qualifying leads, it’s also important to manage them. By keeping prospects engaged through relevant messaging, follow-ups and multi-channel communication – sales engagement tools are crucial to automate and manage your sales process. 

Here are the top sales engagement tools for B2B businesses: 


Klenty: One of the best B2B sales prospecting tools for effective sales engagement

Klenty is a popular B2B sales prospecting tool to create hyper-personalized sales sequences targeting prospects. They do this using the buyer’s purchase intent and automating follow-ups.  

In addition to this, you can also reach out to them by personalizing communication across channels and nurturing relationships – all inside the platform. 

Top Features: 

  • Add all your sales calls, LinkedIn and WhatsApp sequences alongside the text messages to your sales cadence
  • Send InMails, connection requests and messages on LinkedIn through a single-view feature
  • Auto-update the CRM with relevant engagement details (first touchpoint, follow-up, status etc.) 

Pricing: The startup plan starts at $50 per user per month and goes up to $100 per user per month for ‘Pro’ users. 


Scale your B2B sales journey to the next level with Lemlist's B2B sales prospecting tools!

Lemlist is yet another B2B sales prospecting tool to automate your outreach efforts. It allows users to close more deals with cold emails, automate their follow-ups and LinkedIn outreach. 

In addition to automating multi-channel outreach tasks, Lemlist also enables users to add reminders for performing specific actions which can grab the leads’ attention (commenting on social media, mentioning them in posts etc.) 

Apart from their multichannel outreach offering, the company also has a slew of other tools to warm up the emails, write engaging LinkedIn content & personalize your outreach at scale. 

Top Features: 

  • Offers seamless integration with Pipedrive, Hubspot and Salesforce – the 3 leading CRMs 
  • Use multi-channel outreach across major mediums like cold emails, LinkedIn and cold calling 
  • Allows you to add dynamic content to your emails & outreach messages for increasing engagement and reply rates. 

Pricing: The ‘Standard’ monthly plan starts at $59 per seat per month, whereas the ‘Pro’ plan starts at $99 per seat per month. 


Mixmax: Effective B2B sales engagement with personalization

Mixmax is the third on our list of the top B2B sales prospecting tools for sales engagement. The tool tracks email metrics like open rates, clicks, and downloads, providing valuable insights into recipient engagement & potential follow-up strategies. 

In addition to this, you can also personalize emails based on CRM data and schedule them at a time when they’re most likely to get replies.  

Top Features: 

  • Embed polls and surveys inside your emails to boost engagement 
  • Track important email metrics for improving performance & sales engagement
  • Get insights on individual sales rep performance with tailored suggestions for closing more deals. 

Pricing: The SMB plan starts at $29 per user per month, with the ‘Growth + Salesforce’ plan going up to $69 per user per month in pricing. 

Use case 5: Video Prospecting

Video sales emails have become one of the hottest trends in recent cold outreach history. With the introduction of AI, now everyone can write text-based emails, irrespective of their experience solving your problems. 

This is exactly where using video in your outreach strategy helps – creating opportunities for 1-on-1 interaction and personalized engagement with prospects. 

Here are the top B2B sales prospecting tools based on video outreach:


Pitchlane: Top B2B video prospecting software

Pitchlane is a rising video prospecting tool that lets you create personalized videos at scale for outreach. The platform helps you double up your meetings booked using a customized landing page and videos for clients. 

You simply need to record a single pitch of your product or service, and then send them via email or social media tools to your ideal customers.  

Top Features: 

  • Send up to 100 personalized videos in a month 
  • Create a tailored landing page alongside the video pitch for prospects 
  • Use templates to create high-quality, engaging video pitches 

Pricing: Pricing for Pitchlane is available only on a request basis. 

Hippo Video

Hippo Video: Video-based prospecting for B2B sales teams

Hippo Video is again one of the most popular B2B sales prospecting tools in 2023-24. Similar to Pitchlane, Hippo Video allows users to create personalized video messages and send them to prospects. 

It also allows you to generate AI video avatars, alongside AI-crafted scripts for your video outreach. With easy integration to most CRMs and outreach tools, you can easily include videos as a part of your sales tech stack. 

If you’re looking out for a B2B video prospecting tool for your sales team, Hippo Video is the perfect option. 

Top Features: 

  • Get in-depth insights about views and watch rates using the ‘Analytics’ feature 
  • Add text-based annotations to your videos and use templates to craft high-converting prospecting videos 
  • Record a video once & auto-generate 100s of personalized versions using AI. 

 Pricing: The ‘Pro’ plan starts at $20/month per user and goes up to $80/month per user. 


Loom: Create personalized sales videos at scale for your team

Loom is one of the most popular B2B sales prospecting tools in the modern sales stack, allowing salespeople to create and share personalized videos inside their social media outreach and cold emails. 

The tool allows for screen sharing, making it ideal for product demos or walkthroughs. Furthermore, Loom provides analytics on viewer engagement, giving sales teams insights into how their videos perform. 

Top Features: 

  • Add speaker notes in a movable window for efficient recording 
  • Edit multiple video clips together to create a single video. You can also arrange, trim and save them before sending 

Pricing: While there’s a free plan in place, you’ll need to pay $12.5 per creator per month for business users. If you’re looking for an enterprise-grade plan, it’s ideal to reach out to their sales team for a customized pricing.

Use case 6: LinkedIn Outreach

LinkedIn has been one of the most popular and effective channels for B2B client acquisition in recent years. The platform offers a slew of features which make it easy to reach your ideal customers in a targeted, highly-personalized manner. 

Here are the best B2B sales prospecting tools for LinkedIn outreach: 


Expandi: A B2B LinkedIn lead generation tool

Expandi is amongst the most popular B2B sales prospecting tools for LinkedIn outreach. Considered one of the safest LinkedIn automation tools, it not only protects your accounts against bans, but also uses features like dedicated IP address, randomized delay between specific actions and account warm-ups among others. 

This ensures that your outreach sequences and activity doesn’t look robotic (or automated), and is more human-like. 

Top Features: 

  • Create targeted prospect lists within the tool 
  • Create personalized outreach campaigns with different variables & merge tags 
  • Effectively manage future interactions through an integrated inbox. 

Pricing: The pricing plan starts at $79/month. In addition, you can also request a customized price based on your requirements under the ‘Custom’ package. 


SalesRobot: Effective B2B sales prospecting via LinkedIn

SalesRobot is the second name on our list of LinkedIn automation and B2B sales prospecting tools. The tool allows you to automate your LinkedIn outreach effectively, with over 400 messages per day to prospects. 

Similar to Expandi, SalesRobot too can bypass LinkedIn’s outreach limitations, enabling you to generate leads for your business. The tool works well for most users, from agencies to individuals and even salespeople from enterprise-level SaaS companies. 

Top Features: 

  • Get readymade templates to power your outreach with minimal effort 
  • Easily pull prospect lists from multiple sources (CSV files, LinkedIn events, groups and searches) 
  • SalesRobot seamlessly integrates with major CRMs like Hubspot, Salesforce and Pipedrive among others. 

Pricing: The starter pack costs $99/month and goes up to $497/month.

B2B Sales Prospecting Tools: Sell Better, Smarter in 2024!

With the world of B2B sales transforming rapidly, it’s important to give your sales process the edge. This is exactly where adding B2B sales prospecting tools to your arsenal helps. As a B2B salesperson, it not only lets you manage the leads better, but also reach them in a smarter and more scalable manner.

That being said, a lot of these tools also require a significant time investment and a steep learning curve. At Cleverviral, we help you make the most of these tools, scaling your outreach across email, SMS and LinkedIn.

If you’re looking for a B2B growth partner to leverage the benefits of sales automation to the fullest, check out our cold outbound services or drop us a line on [email protected] with your requirements.

Until then, happy prospecting!!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a B2B prospecting tool?

B2B sales prospecting tools help you automate components of your sales process, including cold emailing to LinkedIn outreach and video personalization.

These tools not only help you save time, but also manage your leads more effectively; thereby increasing productivity.

What is the best prospecting method for B2B?

There are no specific methods that work all the time. For some businesses cold calls might work, whereas others would find LinkedIn outreach to be more fruitful.

The idea should be to invest in multichannel outreach at some point in your sales journey, to know what combinations work best.

How do I find B2B prospects?

You can use the B2B sales prospecting tools listed above to find the ideal customers for your business. As stated previously, a multichannel approach should be tapped into at least once in your B2B sales process.

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