B2B Cold Outreach for 2024: Personalised at Scale

Why send long, impersonal messages when all you need is a crisp 100 worder? By delivering buyer focussed, personalized & intent based messages- Cleverviral helps you book meetings & keeps your sales pipeline buzzing.

Cold Outreach Hero

In (typical) Cold Email fashion,

“…does any of the following resonate with you?” 👇🏼

Poor deliverability that lands in spam
Improve email deliverability with right setup, verified data & personalised copy.
Not 100% sure of your Ideal Customer Profile
Research on the ideal customers, their intent, pain points, goals and how these manifests in their lives.
Lack of expertise with nuances of Cold Outreach
High Deliverability, Personalised & Relevant outbound. Execute Campaigns like the top 1%.
Short or no pipeline due to low response rates
Send effective campaigns that generate >5% reply rates every time.
Lack of a consistent sales pipeline
Develop and implement a consistent & predictable sales pipeline that drives actual results.

Our Plan

How does it work?

Cold Outreach is highly dynamic. We have made it our mission to experiment & adopt new innovations in this forever evolving space. Here’s our 4-step framework that generates predictable & long term demand with cold outreach.

Audit & Setup

Preliminary analysis and configuration

Process Audit Setup
Process Personalized Email

Offer, Copy & Campaigns

Designing and launching personalized campaigns

Analytics & A/B Testing

Testing our way to success

Process A B Testing
Process Reporting

Lead Transfer, Reporting & Catch-ups

Case Studies

Real Conversations, Real Results

Check out how we help our clients build genuine connections that last

Cold Outreach Tactics We Use

Our B2B demand generation services get you a consistent stream of meetings booked with your ideal clients so you can grow your business to the next level. 

Domain Setup & Warmup
Ideal customer profile identification
Custom Outbound Blueprint
Data Strategy, Scraping & Verification
Deliverability Management
Full Campaign Management & Reporting

Increase ROI with Targeted Outbound Campaigns

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Frequently Asked Questions

Every month, we add fresh count of prospects to your campaigns. 3000 new prospects from your ICP every month is a good starting point. But this number can be dynamic depending on your velocity and the size of your TAM (total addressable market).

By default we will reach out to a fixed number of new prospects every month as part of our cold email marketing services. You can also choose to increase this number based on your requirements later.

Our data intelligence & outreach specialists use public & private databases for lead research that source compliant data from around the Internet.  We use data scraping, automations & intent information to make the data highly relevant for your product.

Typically our customers see their first few leads generated within the first 30 days. This can depend on factors like your product-market fit, the quality of your offer and pricing etc.

Our team works closely with you to optimize these elements to ensure we generate expected responses in the minimum time required.

Once we start working together, it typically takes 3 weeks to make your first campaigns live. The first 3 weeks are dedicated to preliminary research about your prospects, product, domain and data setup among other things.

At the end of the day, it depends on how fast you provide us with the information we request.

Cleverviral uses multiple methods for domain & mail server verification, names, job role and other such data points.

We also consistently check for typos, copy, syntax, domain health errors and spam filters to ensure the outreach is authentic and operational with high deliverability.

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