Great Outbound requires Meticulous Prospect Data

Supercharge your outbound with prospect data based on sales trigger & intent. Scrape unique insights from the public web & target the right prospects with perfect timing.

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How can intent based data help you?

See how you will gain competitive advantage & generate more opportunities with Cleverviral’s data intelligence service.

Poor quality of customer data leading to lower conversions
Improved customer engagement rates and a reduce cost of customer acquisition
Reaching out to Potential customers with no clear interest can make outbound tough
We find Intent based data, deliver with zero bounces and relevant messaging
Targeting Cold prospects with no intent to buy
Incorporate intent based data and pull relevant insights about prospects to target them effectively
Lack of insight on the pain of your ideal customers and their buyer journey
We find prospect data after a comprehensive understanding of your customers’ goals, pains and symptoms
Ineffective personalization of sales & marketing efforts
In-depth understanding of your prospects with insights from their Linkedin & webpage for extremely personalized outreach & segmentation

Our Process

How Our Data Intelligence Services Work?

Cleverviral follows a detailed approach to find, collect and enrich prospect data for your campaigns

Customer Research

Finding prospect data based on prior context, intent or a sales trigger.

Process Data list
Process ICP Research

Data Mining & Hygiene

Sourcing, analysis and cleaning of prospect data

Intent-Driven Lead List Creation

Creating high-intent lead lists that power your campaigns
Process Intent Data

Case Studies

Real Conversations, Real Results

Check out how we help our clients build genuine connections that last

Cold Outreach Tactics We Use

Our B2B demand generation services get you a consistent stream of meetings booked with your ideal clients so you can grow your business to the next level. 

Data Mining
Technographic Data Analysis
Lead List Creation
Firmographic Data Analysis
Intent-Based Data Analysis
Sales Triggers

Increase ROI with Targeted Outbound Campaigns

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Frequently Asked Questions

Data Intelligence is about creating refined, intent-driven lead lists that are most likely to respond to you. Data Intelligence helps by understanding your buyer journey to find prospects that are likely to buy from you today. It benefits your outbound by adding valuable timing to your messaging and delivers better results.

While the accuracy of prospect data is a question of volume vs quality, we prioritise the latter. Cleverviral leverages multiple channels to source a raw dataset to start with. We then enrich this data with more information. This dataset is then reduced due to clean up, and contact information validity check. 

While there may be some costs associated with availing our data intelligence services, the benefits of better targeted and effective marketing efforts outweighs the investment.

Our priority is to maximize your ROI with high-intent, accurate B2B data that’s more likely to convert.

Our data intelligence solutions are customized to meet the specific needs for your business, while the implementation timeline varies depending on the scope & complexity of your project.

Typically we deliver the data set within 7 days of placing a request.

Our data intelligence services are tailored to offer valuable, in-depth research into your ideal customer behavior, preferences & buying patterns.

You can then use these insights to develop more effective sales & marketing strategies.

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