Top 10 Brand Pitch Email Templates: Writing Guide, Meaning & Best Practices

Brand Pitch Email Templates


Content creator or influencer marketing agency looking to get more brand collaborations & deals?Check out how our brand pitch email templates can help you land these partnership opportunities at scale.

With a whopping market value of US$ 21.1 billion as of 2023, the global influencer marketing & creator economy is a burgeoning industry in its own right. As a creator or even an influencer marketing company, this presents a great opportunity to connect and work with brands that align with your values and long-term goals.  

This is where crafting a brand pitch could help. But most people either don’t have the time or the expertise required to craft them. This is where using brand pitch email templates comes in handy. 

In this article, we’ll give you a detailed overview of how to write high-converting brand pitch emails & also share a few sample brand pitch email templates for you to use. 

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started. 

What is a Brand Pitch Email?

Before we dive into exploring the brand pitch email templates, it’s important to know what exactly a brand pitch email is about. 

Think of a brand pitch email as your digital elevator pitch. It’s that first hello, that initial handshake where you get to say, “Here’s who I am, and here’s why we’re going to make magic together.” 

For creators and influencer marketing companies, a stellar brand pitch email is your ticket to more partnerships with top-notch brands. 

These emails should scream value from the rooftop and make it crystal clear why a brand would be interested in teaming up with you. Remember, the goal is to spark a conversation, not close a deal on the spot.

Why Do You Need Brand Pitch Email Templates?

Why you need brand pitch email templates?

Now that you know what a brand pitch email is, it’s time to understand the importance of using brand pitch email templates. 

Here are a few reasons why you need them, especially when reaching out to brands for partnership opportunities: 

  1. Saves time: Using brand pitch email templates saves time, allowing you to have a polished starting point for every email. Drafting an individual email takes a lot of time and research, especially if you’re starting from scratch. 

          Having a template or customizable framework allows you to tweak certain aspects of your message, while still retaining the essence of your outreach. 

  1. Focus on personalization & strategy: With brand pitch email templates in place, you can focus on customization than creation. Instead of pondering over how to structure the email or the key points to include, you can focus on personalizing the pitch – with relevant insights & data to supplement your message. 

This quality is what transforms a good pitch into a great one.  

  1. Easily scalable:  As your outreach efforts expand, using brand pitch email templates provides a scalable solution that accommodates growth without a proportional increase in workload. This scalability is essential, especially for influencer marketing agencies managing multiple clients and campaigns.
  1. Faster response times: With collaboration pitch email templates, the turnaround time for sending out pitches is significantly reduced. This can be particularly advantageous in industries where timing is crucial, allowing you to capitalize on trends or news relevant to your pitch.
  1. Improved follow-ups: Templates aren’t just for initial pitches; they can also be adapted for follow-up emails. This ensures follow-ups are timely, consistent, and continue to engage the brand in meaningful ways.

Top 10 Brand Pitch Email Templates – Full List & Use Cases

Now that we’ve understood the importance of brand pitch email templates, it’s time to explore a few of these brand pitch examples, based on their utility for different industries and use cases. 

Let’s explore a few of these in detail:

Template 1: For the beauty industry

Brand pitch email templates for the beauty industry require you to talk about the ROI you’ll provide the brand, and you won’t cut it if you simply gloss over the reasons to work with the brand. 

As an agency or creator, you’ll need to craft your collaboration pitch email template by: 

  • Identifying their current strategy
  • Analyzing prevalent gaps, 
  • And then offering a solution alongside your pitch. 

Here’s a quick brand pitch example for the beauty industry: 

Template 2: For the fitness & sports industry 

When it comes to pitching brands in the fitness industry, it can prove to be a win-win for both the company and the influencers. Gymshark has pioneered this model, where they collaborate with fitness and sports influencers/creators to craft campaigns that drive both eyeballs & sales across platforms. 

If you’re a creator or agency, here’s a sample influencer pitch to brands template you can use: 

Hi {{firstName}}, 

Totally obsessed with your athleisure line at {{CompanyName}}. Love how the product quality is top-notch & alongside the stretchiness and color options.

Haven’t worn anything from other brands since. I’m a fitness content creator on Instagram {{@username}}, with over X,000 followers.

My content gets X% impressions, and X,000 views each month – with 90% of audience being females over the age of 25. Given the shared goal of making people fitter & more stylish, I’d love to collaborate with {{CompanyName}} on a sponsored campaign. 

Is this something of interest to you? If yes, I can share my media kit with you in the next email. 

{{Sender Name}}

Template 3: For the tech industry 

When it comes to the tech industry, using brand pitch email templates can help creators emphasize how their expertise or audience aligns with the company’s product innovations or marketing goals. 

Here’s a brand pitch example targeted at the tech industry: 

Hi {{firstName}}, 

Love what you’re building with the amazing products & innovations at {{CompanyName}}. 

I’m {{Name}}, a tech enthusiast founder of {{Your Youtube Channel Name}}.

Given that we both share a common passion for technology that makes people’s lives easier, I see an exciting opportunity to feature your products in my content. 

Here’s what I can help you with: 

Idea 1
Idea 2
Idea 3

I have X number of followers & an engaged audience with over X% monthly engagement rates.

Would you be open to discussing this further? I’d love to know your thoughts. 

{{Sender Name}}

Template 4: For the edtech/courses industry 

The edtech industry is burgeoning, with tons of online education & course platforms offering quality courses for learning different skill sets. 

If you’re an education-focused content creator, here’s a brand pitch example for the courses industry: 

Hi {{firstName}}, 

As an avid learner of {{course skill}}, I’ve been reading your newsletter for several years now.

I especially love how you teach students how to learn {{skill name}} in your course. I run a blog where we review the top online courses and platforms for people looking to learn different skills. It has X monthly visitors & over X,0000 monthly traffic. 

Given that you recently announced plans to launch a new course, I think its a great opportunity to give our readers a sneak peek into learning {{skill name}} from the OG! 

What are your thoughts on this? 

Template 5: For general influencer partnerships

Crafting brand pitch email templates for general influencer partnerships involves creating a flexible framework that highlights your USP, audience engagement, and potential collaboration benefits. 

This approach helps by ensuring that each pitch remains personalized and relevant to the brand’s goals, while also saving time and enhancing efficiency

Here’s a sample collaboration pitch email template for general influencer partnerships: 

Hi {{firstName}}, 

I’m {{Name{{, a content creator with extensive experience creating content in {{niche or topic name}}.

I’ve been doing this for X no. of years & have an engaged audience of X,000 followers. My posts get an average of X% likes & comments. I’ve got a cool content collaboration idea that could make sense for {{CompanyName}}. 

Your brand’s vibe is just what my followers dig, especially when it comes to [insert specific products/brand attributes]. 

I’ve worked with the likes of {{Company 1}} & {{Company 2}} before, creating organic campaigns that generated $X,0000 in sales.

How about a quick 20-min chat on how we could do something similar for {{CompanyName}}? 

{{Sender Name}}

Template 6: For the food industry 

When it comes to the food industry, food bloggers & creators can easily reach out to CPG companies and agri-product brands to explore partnership opportunities and promote their brand. 

Here’s how you can use brand pitch email templates in this scenario: 

Hi {{firstName}}, 

Let me start off by saying that I love your products, especially the {{ProductName}} range launched recently. I’m a food content creator, with my channel {{Youtube Channel Name}} boasting X,0000 subscribers & a monthly engagement rate of X%.

I regularly use your products in my recipes & the audience loves them! Given that we’re both focused on making high-quality food products accessible while giving back to society, I’d love to explore a collaborative partnership focused on your {{ProductName}] range. 

I’ve worked on campaigns like {{Campaign Name 1}} & {{Campaign Name 2}} in the past, driving X,000 reshares & X million views for the campaigns.

Would you be open to chatting more on how I could help {{CompanyName}} with a similar campaign? 

{{Sender Name}}

Template 7: Cold brand pitch 

Cold brand pitches are proposals made to potential clients or partners without having any sort of prior relationship or reference. 

These are usually the kind of brand pitch email templates which need the most personalization & you need to be very careful while reaching out to the prospective brand partners. 

Here’s a sample cold brand pitch example for your reference: 

Hi {{firstName}},

I’m {{Sender Name}}, a {{Niche Name}} influencer who loves creating engaging content that directly speaks to people. I recently stumbled upon {{CompanyName}} and wow, your {{mention specific aspect}} really caught my eye.

I’m thinking we could create something awesome together. My followers would dig what you’re all about, and it’s a cool chance for {{CompanyName}} to reach even more customers. How about we chat over a call or coffee and see if there’s a fit?

Really appreciate you considering this! Pumped at the thought of teaming up.

{{Sender Name}}

Template 8: UGC brand pitch 

UGC pitches are usually emails sent to decision makers from brands or agencies to pitch collaboration opportunities or services as a UGC creator. It’s usually short and to the point, and showcase the creator’s understanding of the audience and their capacity to create engaging that drives awareness, builds trust & generates conversions. 

Here’s a UGC brand pitch template you can use: 

Hi {{firstName}}, 

Hope you’re doing awesome! 

I’m {{Sender Name}}, a content creator based in {{Your Location}}. Noticed some of your products’ ads on my feed & found the {{USP of product}} to really stand out. I’ve been in the beauty & skincare space for some time now & genuinely feel you could double up current sales through UGC-powered, storytelling ads. 

I’ve got some crazy ideas on how I could combine my audience & your products to create extremely creative organic ad campaigns. 

How about I send some of those your way? 

{{Sender Name}}

Template 9: For the travel industry 

Travel-focused creators can connect with hotels, restaurants & even booking websites by highlighting the benefit of partnering with them for sponsored content & collaborations. 

Here’s what brand pitch email templates for the travel industry look like: 

Hi {{firstName}} 

Hope you’re doing great!

I’m {{Sender Name}}, a travel influencer with a knack for hitting up unique spots and sharing awesome finds. Stumbled upon {{CompanyName}} recently and wow, your culinary lineup had me at hello.

I’m thinking we’ve got an epic collab brewing here. My community loves discovering new places, especially where food’s the star. Imagine us teaming up for:

Idea 1
Idea 2
Idea 3

I’d love to share more on how we can get this rolling & the benefits for {{CompanyName}}. 

Would you be open to a quick chat this Thursday for the same?

Template 10: Follow-up pitch 

While the first touch-point is important, having follow-up brand pitch templates is even more crucial. When used correctly, they can actually get you responses from the prospect. 

Here’s a sample for you to try out: 

Hi {{firstName}}, 

Just checking in since I dropped you an email last week about a possible brand collab for {{CompanyName}}.

To recap, I’m a content creator in {{Name of Niche}} & you can peek at my work here: {{@Instagram handle, link}} and here: {{blog/YouTube channel name, link}}.

I’ve popped my media kit in the email, just in case you wanna take a closer look.

What do you think? Could be fun, right?

{{Sender Name}}

Brand Pitch Email Templates: Key Do’s and Don’ts 

Now that we’ve uncovered the top 10 brand pitch email templates, it’s important to understand a few best practices. These tips and tricks will help you craft email pitches that not only engage the prospect, but also get responses. 

Here are a few key do’s and don’ts to keep in mind when using these collaboration pitch templates: 


  • Reach out to familiar brands: Demonstrate genuine interest and knowledge about the brand you’re pitching to. This familiarity breeds authenticity, a critical element in making your pitch stand out.
  • Add visual elements: In the email signature, add a visual element such as the company logo or photo which represents your brand. Adding these elements to your brand pitch email templates helps recipients identify who you are & can also make your emails stand out. 
  • Include social proof: Mentioning previous successful partnerships or notable achievements in your brand pitch templates adds credibility and builds trust right from the get-go.
  • Have a clear value proposition: When using brand pitch email templates, make sure to articulate what you bring to the table and how it aligns with the brand’s goals or needs.

    Add specific ideas, highlight your unique style/approach & how you stand out from other creators or agencies looking for partnerships. 
  • Have a strong CTA: Conclude your brand pitch email templates with a compelling call-to-action (CTA) that encourages the brand to take the next step, whether it’s a meeting, a call, or simply a reply. Ideally the goal should to be get a reply, and then you can take the conversation forward from there. 


  • Don’t include your rates: Jumping straight to rates can be off-putting. Focus on building interest and rapport first; there will be time for negotiations later.
  • Don’t say everything at once: Overloading your brand pitch templates with too much information can overwhelm. Keep it concise and focused on piquing interest.
  • Avoid using jargon or complex words: Keep your language simple, clear, and jargon-free to ensure your message is easily understood. Having brand pitch email templates that are easy-to-understand and flow seamlessly is what makes your message stand out & get responses. 
  • Lack of research: Failing to tailor your pitch to the specific brand or showing a lack of understanding of their market can lead to immediate disinterest. Before you start using the brand pitch email templates, make sure you’ve researched everything that’s needed to craft a personalized, engaging email. 

By following the above best practices, you can leverage the full potential of these brand pitch email templates and craft personalized messages that not only get read, but also responded to. 

All you need to do is focus on the ‘do’s’ and wade out the ‘don’ts’. 

Wrapping Up!

Securing brand partnerships through cold email requires a blend of personalization, strategic communication, and an understanding of the brand’s values and goals. 

Utilizing the brand pitch email templates outlined above can significantly enhance your outreach efforts, making your pitches not only read but also responded to. 

Remember, while these templates provide a solid foundation, tailoring your message to each brand’s unique identity and needs is crucial for success. 

For creators or influencer marketing companies aiming to elevate their campaign game, Cleverviral is here to help. Our cold outreach solutions are designed to deliver instant results, leveraging AI-powered systems & brand pitch email templates that capture attention and foster collaborations. 

Ready to transform your brand outreach strategy?

Reach out to us at [email protected] and connect with our experts today or simply fill out the form on the website to get started. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you write a professional email to a brand?

Writing professional emails to a brand involves clear, concise communication and a respectful tone. You can start with personalized greetings followed by a short introduction & objective of your outreach.

You can add a compliment alongside an observation, followed by a short pitch for collaboration. Rather than going for a hard CTA, make sure you use a softer call-to-action that prompts a response from the prospect.

You can also use some of the above brand pitch email templates to power your outreach.

How can I tailor the brand pitch templates to suit different industries or niches?

To utilize the brand pitch email templates effectively, make sure to research your industry well enough, alongside customizing the templates based on specific needs or observations.

You can also make changes as per the tonality & industry terms to get more replies.

What strategies can I employ to effectively follow up on a brand pitch?

Successful follow-up tactics involve promptly sending a polite email to reiterate your interest. You can also offer new details in the follow-up that bolster your proposal & ignite a specific action.

Using approaches like the above, you can easily start sales conversations with brands, effectively utilizing the power of these brand pitch email templates.

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