Top 8 Belkins Alternatives for B2B Lead Generation [Reviewed]

Top 8 Belkins Alternatives for B2B Lead Gen


Looking to scale your outbound efforts with better Belkins alternatives? Check out our list of the top 8 options to consider.

If you’re someone who’s searching for Belkins alternatives for your B2B business, there’s a high chance that you’re here because either their current offerings aren’t relevant to you, or simply too expensive to afford. It could also be that you’re currently comparing options and want to make an informed decision. 

This is especially important if you’re a mid-size company with a stable product that’s looking to unlock new growth without compromising on a tailored, closely-knit approach. 

Over the course of this article, we’ll be exploring some of the top Belkins alternatives in the market, helping you choose the one that’s tailored to your requirements.

Why Cleverviral is the #1 Belkins Alternative?

Cleverviral - one of the best Belkins alternatives for B2B businesses! has evolved into more than just a B2B outbound agency at this point. With a shift in focus towards a SaaS + services model, priorities within the organization might be headed for a change. 

Similar to Belkins, Cleverviral’s approach to B2B lead generation is focused on helping clients keep their pipeline fresh with piping-hot leads. 

Unlike other Belkins alternatives, one of our most significant advantages is our focus on the following elements in the realm of cold outreach: 

  • Use of sales triggers to find high-intent prospects for clients 
  • AI-driven personalization that makes cold outreach at scale a frills-free process
  • A focus on stacking the pipeline with a significant focus on ensuring email deliverability. 

With 2024 expected to bring some really interesting changes to B2B, outbound campaigns will need to reach customers at the right time, with the right message. 

While Belkins has made a name for itself over the years, they’re definitely headed towards a phase where they might no longer be able to offer truly-personalized, 1-on-1 to customers.  

As practitioners who are in the trenches day-in and day-out, here are a few reasons why working with a competitor like Cleverviral could be ideal for your lead generation efforts:

1. AI-driven, human-first approach

The world of generative AI has seen a massive upsurge in the last year or so. With AI being used extensively even by the likes of Gmail (to help users draft emails easily) – it’s bound to shape the future of customer engagement and lead generation. 

That being said, it’s still early days and companies still need to add a human touch to their cold email campaigns.

Unlike most of the Belkins alternatives, Cleverviral uses a combination of AI and human-driven personalization to create campaigns that start real conversations inside the prospect’s inbox.

AI is used to guide prospect research and dive deeper into the customer’s pain points, while our cold email specialists help you craft emails that book more meetings for your business every month. 

2. Ensuring 100% email deliverability

With the recent Gmail email spam update, the importance of ensuring 100% email deliverability has become even more pertinent. With these new rules, it’ll become even more important to earn the trust of your prospects, and utilize your understanding of their pain points to craft high-converting campaigns that reach the primary inbox, every single time. 

Our 4-step email deliverability optimization process ensures that each component of your emailing system is up to pace, with regular optimization to ensure that your emails stay out of the spam folder. 

3. High-quality list building

Similar to Belkins, Cleverviral focuses extensively on building high-quality, hand-curated lead lists – which are scrapped using a standard process that focuses exclusively on sales triggers, buying intent and timing the outreach exactly when your prospects are most likely to buy. 

Our list-building process focuses on understanding your ideal customer and selecting prospects using a combination of multiple demographic, technographic and firmographic data points. 

Rather than purchasing low-quality lead lists like other Belkins alternatives, we focus on doing lead research & scoring in-house. This allows better control over the quality of outreach data & a high rate of positive replies on most campaigns.

Other Belkins Alternatives You Can Try Out

We understand that you might be looking to read about other Belkins alternatives & compare them to make an informed decision. Here are a few other Belkins competitors that you can try out:

1. Martal Group

Martal Group - #1 Belkins alternative for cold calling & appointment setting services

Martal Group is amongst some of the relatively popular Belkins alternatives offering B2B lead generation and cold calling services for businesses. The company has an extensive database of 100 million contacts, with specialized expertise in lead generation for IT, telecom and B2B SaaS among others. 

They combine the power of cold emails, appointment setting and social outreach to reach your ideal customers. 

Now while we have limited information about Martal’s reputation within the industry, publicly available data highlights generally positive sentiments among customers. 

That being said, it’d still be a good idea to invest in a more in-depth evaluation of Martal’s lead generation services and capabilities. 

2. Cleverly

Cleverly - One of the best Belkins alternatives for LinkedIn outreach & personal branding

Similar to the Martal Group, Cleverly is another Belkins alternative offering lead generation and appointment setting services. Unlike Belkins and Cleverviral, this lead generation and appointment setting company specializes in LinkedIn. 

Apart from their LinkedIn lead generation services, they also offer performance marketing, SEO and content marketing for clients looking to either grow their digital presence or build a sustainable leadflow. 

Based on reviews from past clients, Cleverly has had some issues with lead quality and targeting during outreach campaigns. 

Moreover, with a diverse set of services spanning multiple channels, it might not be a good fit for businesses looking for assistance with email-focused lead generation.


CIENCE - competitor offering software + services for B2B lead generation

One of the closest Belkins alternatives, CIENCE also offers a combination of lead generation software and services to their clients. It specializes in lead generation and appointment setting services, with a key focus on cold emails and calling. 

One of their key differentiators is the fully-automated approach, where they take care of each component in your B2B outbound process. This might not be an ideal fit for businesses who need further hand-holding and a personal touch. 

Also with most AI products still in an evolutionary phase, it might lead to generic, cookie-cutter messaging that fails to resonate with your ideal customer. Also unlike Cleverviral, CIENCE has a 6-month contract in place before they start working with clients.

Now while this does give them time to experiment, it might not make sense for customers from a ROI point of view (with no guarantee of leads).

Hence, if you’re truly considering CIENCE as an option, we’d recommend approaching it with a ‘software-first’ lens than a simple outbound service provider.  

4. Callbox Inc.

Callbox Inc: Belkins alternative for AI-powered B2B outbound sales

Callbox Inc., is amongst the most renowned Belkins alternatives offering lead generation and B2B account-based marketing services for clients. In addition to this, they also offer a slew of non-B2B marketing services that help businesses grow and scale without any hassles. 

With experience serving companies across telecom, B2B SaaS, logistics and financial services – Callbox has grown from strength to strength over the years. That being said, the company doesn’t have any pricing-related information on their website. You can only request it by filling out the form. 

So the final pricing for your project could vary depending on the number of leads you want to target, their quality and the channels being used, which could be a detrimental factor for some businesses.

5. Operatix

Operatix - A B2B lead generation & SDR services agency

Unlike other Belkins alternatives, Operatix  focuses exclusively on SDR-related services, helping companies scale their outbound efforts to the next level using lead qualification, account-based selling and identifying high-quality accounts to target.

That being said. Operatix doesn’t advertise their pricing plans and you’ll have to get in touch with the team for a personalized sales quote.  

6. WebFX

WebFX: B2B lead generation & digital marketing company

WebFX is a full-service digital marketing company offering both inbound and outbound marketing services for B2B businesses. In addition to these, they also make use of lead generation tools and software to optimize campaign performance.

WebFX isn’t a direct Belkins alternative, since their main focus is on social media and content marketing services. Moreover, their cold email services are slightly expensive for SMBs, with prices ranging between $30 and upwards of $5000 per month.

With an additional investment of $900, it can be a very expensive engagement for your business.

7. Lead Cookie

Lead Cookie - one of the best Belkins alternatives for LinkedIn-first lead generation.

Similar to Cleverly, Lead Cookie specializes in LinkedIn lead generation, and even relies on the platform for high-quality list building. This is quite similar to what Cleverly does, with the exception of Lead Cookie also offering cold email and email copywriting solutions.

Lead Cookie offers a per-hour pricing model, which is unique for any B2B lead generation company. Such a model isn’t really sustainable for SMBs, given that the monthly rates could go well beyond 6000 dollars for an 8-hour day.  

Now while LinkedIn is a goldmine of outbound opportunities, you’re still dependent on the platform. Things could quickly go south if LinkedIn decides to block your account. 

Owing to these reasons, it makes sense to look for other Belkins alternatives to scale your outbound efforts.

Ready to get started?

So this was everything you needed to know about the various Belkins alternatives for B2B lead generation. While it’s true that almost every company on this list is useful for your business, you need to consider a few things before finalizing your decision.

As a B2B business, you must choose a lead generation company that takes a modern approach to outbound selling. 

They should be able to use a mix of AI and human personalization, alongside asking meaningful questions to create a well-informed ICP for your outbound efforts. 

This is what exactly Cleverviral can help you with. Most prospects who come to us have tried these options before, and haven’t really got the desired results. 

So if you’re looking for more personalized cold email services, we’re here to help.

Simply reach out to us on [email protected] or fill out the contact form. We’ll get in touch soon to better understand your problem statement and provide tailored solutions. 

Until then, happy prospecting! 

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