Looking for the Best Martal Group Alternatives? – Check Out These 10 Companies

10 Best Martal Group Alternatives for Lead Generation


Martal Group customer looking to make the switch to a better B2B lead generation service provider? Check out our list of the top 10 Martal Group alternatives that’ll power your outbound efforts.

Martal Group has been one of the best lead gen companies in the world over the last 14 years, having built relationships with over 200 sales leaders and cultivating a rich database of 1 million prospective customers across industries. 

If you’re a B2B business owner, chances are you might have heard a lot about their lead generation processes, powered by a mix of human intelligence & automation. 

Now imagine you’ve hired them, discussing everything from the ICP to strategies they’d use for bringing high-quality leads to your business. Given their past track record, you’d expect them to make a telling impact – one that justifies their pricing & your trust in their solutions. 

But what if the lead quality drops? Or the fact that there might be no conversions for your offer? Or what if you simply want to switch to a new service provider who can help fill in the gaps & also propel the business forward? 

There are a multitude of lead generation companies that help you generate predictable leadflow on demand. Keeping that in mind, we’ve come up with a list of the top 10 Martal Group alternatives to consider for your business.

Here’s everything you need to know for choosing Martal Group competitors to grow your business & avoid challenges. 

Key Reasons to Consider Martal Group Alternatives for Lead Generation

While the Martal Group has gained a reputation for being one of the preferred lead gen companies for B2B startups & MSMEs, there are certain reasons as to why you might want to consider a few Martal Group alternatives to partner with for your lead generation.

Some of them are as follows:

1. The Sprint vs. Marathon Dilemma

Martal Group specializes in kickstarting lead generation for startups and MSMEs – helping them get the initial thrust required to fill their pipeline with sales leads. But lead generation isn’t just a sprint, it’s more of a marathon; requiring constant adaptability & newer ideas. 

The company’s service structure is heavily reliant on external tools & fixed strategies, which make it crucial to consider some of the specialized Martal Group alternatives for lead generation. 

This rigidity could pose challenges, especially when aiming for long-term engagements or pivoting strategies to land enterprise-level clients.

2. Complexity of full-cycle marketing 

Full-cycle marketing involves multiple stages – from selecting the right tech stack to conducting user research & crafting campaigns that get responded to. As businesses scale, their evolving needs (such as improved attribution & retention) demand a more hands-on approach, which might not be possible without opting for one of the Martal Group alternatives. 

Given that the Martal Group’s structure is designed to handle a huge volume of leads through stringent SOPs and automations, they’re possibly not the best fit for companies looking to push the envelope towards creativity & innovation in their outbound strategy. 

3. Focused on volume over quality 

As stated previously, Martal’s high-volume lead generation model is a key consideration for choosing other Martal Group alternatives. While it’s designed for efficiency, the model can have an inverse effect on lead quality. The company emphasizes so much on quantity that the prospecting data they come up with often has an overload of unqualified leads. 

This strains sales teams & dilutes the opportunity to engage with targeted, high-intent leads. 

The result? – A higher chance of burnout and turnover, disrupting continuity and diminishing the personalized care essential for nurturing long-term client relationships.

4. One-dimensional perspective 

Martal’s approach of assigning a single professional to oversee the entire lead generation funnel might seem streamlined but can significantly limit adaptability and depth of strategy. 

Effective marketing funnels require diverse expertise at each stage to analyze, fine-tune, and optimize based on performance and changing market dynamics. 

This one-dimensional perspective in a way, is a key reason behind customers considering Martal Group alternatives for lead generation. 

5. Over-reliance on third-party tools 

While Martal’s prepackaged suite of tools offers quick setup and campaign automation, it may become a crutch that limits strategic flexibility. 

These tools, albeit powerful, should augment rather than define your marketing strategy, ensuring that your campaigns remain agile and responsive to evolving market and audience needs.

10 Martal Group Alternatives to Consider for Improved B2B Lead Generation in 2024 – [Reviewed] 

Now that we’ve discovered the key reasons to consider working with Martal’s competitors, here are the top 10 Martal Group alternatives you can partner up with: 

1. Cleverviral 

Cleverviral: the #1 Martal Group alternative for B2B product & service businesses.

Unlike the Martal Group, Cleverviral’s focus is on combining volume with creativity and technology; starting new sales conversations for clients with their ideal customers, and by using the right message. We do this through our proprietary, AI-powered outbound systems based on: 

  • Utilizing sales triggers to zero-in on high-intent prospects 
  • Leveraging AI-powered personalization at scale for more tailored outreach 
  • Stacking the sales pipeline while ensuring 100% deliverability & technical efficiency. 

Compared to other Martal Group alternatives, Cleverviral doesn’t purchase low-quality leads – and instead focuses on combining our own lead research & scoring methodologies in-house. We also have a flexible pricing structure that’s tailored to your requirements, which is usually arrived upon based on your goals, the number of leads you want & the kind of prospects you’re looking to target.

The results? – A consistent flow of high-intent leads & upwards of 15% in reply rates for most campaigns. If you’re considering a new-age, technologically-adept B2B lead generation company, Cleverviral is the ideal solution.

2. WebFX

WebFX: One of the top Martal Group alternatives for lead generation.

WebFX is a digital marketing service provider & lead generation company focused on helping businesses across industries generate sales for themselves on auto-pilot. Using a mix of inbound and outbound channels & strategies,  the company helps clients create winning email campaigns, optimizing everything from the subject line to the email content & even the targeting strategy. 

Apart from offering dedicated account managers, they also maintain transparent communication while offering transparent pricing plans. 

With over 7.8 million leads generated, WebFX is one of the best Martal Group alternatives for B2B lead generation. 

3. Belkins 

Belkins: Another popular Martal Group competitor offering appointment setting, sales development & outreach solutions.

Known as one of the top Martal Group alternatives, Belkins has pioneered the software + services model, offering a slew of B2B-focused solutions like cold outreach, B2B sales & appointment setting among others. 

The company services multiple high-growth industries like Ecommerce, Retail, Healthcare, AI & blockchain among others – helping them optimize their sales process across the funnel for maximum efficiency and results. 

Through products like Charge & Folderly, Belkins is now looking to revolutionize the B2B growth engine with tailored software solutions. 

Similar to the above two companies, Belkins too offers a flexible pricing structure for their services. 


CIENCE: One of the top Martal Group alternatives & outbound sales platform.

One of the most renowned Martal Group alternatives, CIENCE is a B2B lead generation company offering both services & products aimed at generating demand for B2B companies globally. In this way, CIENCE is quite similar to Belkins (which also creates its own products), while also specializing in lead generation and appointment setting via cold emails and cold calls. 

CIENCE uses a combination of its own proprietary software platform & other sales management tools to improve efficiency and accuracy while creating new opportunities for clients. With AI-powered functionality & a transparent B2B workflow, CIENCE has become a go-to for B2B sales teams looking to supercharge their B2B outbound engine. 

To utilize the software + services offering, customers will need to pay a certain amount as ‘price per meeting’ – which could be a dealbreaker for some businesses.

5. KlientBoost 

KlientBoost: Another popular Martal Group alternative and B2B lead generation service provider.

Similar to WebFX, KlientBoost isn’t among the direct Martal Group alternatives, especially when it comes to lead generation. The company uses a combination of channels such as SEO, content marketing, ABM, LinkedIn ads and B2B lead generation via email to create new sales opportunities for clients. 

Apart from the multichannel focus, KlientBoost has adopted a data-first approach across their team, helping clients gain access to the knowledge and expertise offered by over 130 talented employees from the organization. 

The company has also inked partnerships with Google, Meta & Microsoft – thereby giving them necessary industry recognition in the performance marketing space. 

6. Operatix 

Operatix: One of the best Martal Group alternatives for SDR outsourcing & appointment setting solutions.

Operatix is another popular Martal Group competitor offering SDR outsourcing services to B2B software companies globally. With expertise across industries like cybersecurity, HR, DevOps & martech among others, they help you with end-to-end sales solutions including sales playbook development, positioning, B2B outreach, data intelligence & pipeline generation among others. 

With over 10 years of experience, and a client portfolio consisting of 100% software businesses, Operatix is an ideal choice for scaling your outbound efforts. 

That being said, they don’t advertise their pricing on the website, and you’ll have to ask for a customized quote to get started. 

7. Callbox Inc.

Callbox: An AI-powered lead generation company & Martal Group alternative.

One of the best Martal Group alternatives, Callbox offers B2B lead generation and account-based marketing solutions to businesses. Similar to Cleverviral, they also offer a mix of human intelligence and AI-powered personalization to deliver optimal results. 

With a burgeoning presence across markets in Asia-Pacific, Europe & Latin America, the company uses methods like AI-powered list building, multichannel outreach and cold calling to generate results at scale. 

Since they don’t advertise the pricing structure, you’ll need to connect with the Callbox team with your requirements. Based on the insights shared, they’ll then share a customized pricing for your business. 

8. Cleverly 

Cleverly: One of the best Martal Group alternatives for PPC, cold outreach & LinkedIn outreach solutions for B2B businesses.

Cleverly is another renowned name on our list of the best Martal Group alternatives. Focused on channels like LinkedIn and cold outreach, alongside SEO and PPC, the company helps B2B startups and MSMEs to help them generate consistent lead flow.  

They’ve worked with some famous brands in Uber, Google, PayPal and WeWork and are known for their expertise in leveraging LinkedIn for getting client results. That being said, there have been some issues, reportedly around the quality of leads generated, which can be a dealbreaker for some customers. 

Cleverly’s ‘Gold’ plan starts at $397/month, whereas their ‘Platinum’ tier costs you $697/month for LinkedIn outreach and appointment setting solutions. 

9. Leadium 

Leadium: One of the best, human-powered Martal Group alternatives.

Leadium is a B2B lead gen company offering a mix of human-powered, strategically-inclined lead generation solutions for companies. With a team consisting of lead generation experts and data mavericks, they’ve been able to provide unmatched results using techniques like personality data for more personalized outreach. 

One of the key advantages of Leadium is their experienced sales infrastructure – focused on sourcing, training & retaining a talented team of SDRs in addition to their core offerings like appointment setting, inbound marketing, omnichannel sales strategy development & end-to-end outbound system implementation. 

Their services start from US$1000/month, making Leadium one of the best Martal Group alternatives for businesses. 

10. LeadGenius 

LeadGenius: AI-powered B2B outbound platform & demand generation service provider.

LeadGenius is another high-performing B2B lead generation company offering a combination of AI-powered and human-led prospecting solutions for high-performing GTM teams at startups and MSMEs.

Through their proprietary machine learning algorithms, LeadGenius crawls through multiple websites, online business directories and government filings to find sales-ready leads for their customers. 

With over 100 customers and a 3-billion strong database of prospecting information, LeadGenius can prove to be an ideal Martal Group alternative for business owners. 

Wrapping up! 

So these were some of the top Martal Group alternatives for B2B lead generation. While the company has been a leading name in the outbound sales industry, there might be situations where you’d want to possibly explore other options. 

If you’re looking to work with a B2B lead gen company that focuses on leveraging AI and a human-powered, strategically-driven outbound systems; Cleverviral is your go-to partner. 

Our tailored cold outreach solutions will help B2B business owners get in front of their ideal customers using a mix of AI-powered copywriting, data intelligence & video prospecting solutions.

Simply reach out to us on [email protected] or fill out the form on our website. Once you’ve done that, one of our experts will get in touch with you to better understand your current challenges and offer tailored solutions. 

Until then, happy prospecting!

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