Data Mining & Enrichment to get 118 Sales Ready Leads in 6 months using SMS & Email for Omnichannel Marketing SaaS

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About Wigzo by Shiprocket

Wigzo by Shiprocket is an AI driven marketing automation software helping eCommerce businesses leverage the power of data to increase their revenue and repeat sales. Their customer brands use their platform to leverage behavioral marketing on Email, SMS, WhatsApp, Push Notifications & Facebook Messenger through their platform.

Since its inception in 2013, the company has helped more than 1,000 customers with their marketing technology software. These include brands such as Ethos Luxury Watches, Bajaj Electricals, Hidesign and W among hundreds others.

The Challenge

  • Launching into a New Market Segment in the US: While already successful in various markets across the globe, Wigzo was entering a new market segment in the US. Given the novelty of the segment, the understanding of ICP and where to find the right target companies was the first challenge.
  • Difficulty communicating USP: The management at Wigzo was finding it difficult to communicate their unique selling points (USP) with the correct positioning – right from identifying their most prominent ICP to tailoring their outreach and messaging for them.
  • Channel Identification for New Customer Segment: The team at Wigzo was looking for some expert support around identifying the right methods to help them reach out to a new, untapped customer segment they had recently discovered.
  • Creating a standout outreach strategy: Being in a relatively crowded space (marketing automation SaaS), Wigzo wanted a cold outreach strategy that could help them target the new segment more effectively.

What We Did?

To solve the above mentioned challenges, they wanted to utilize our B2B cold outreach services (via both SMS & Email) to generate new opportunities & conversations for their software solution.

Cleverviral employed a multi-step cold outreach strategy to address Wigzo’s challenges and effectively engage the target segment.

Here’s what we did:

1. Data Mining and Segmentation

  • ICP identification: Wigzo initially came to us after identifying a new, untapped segment of store owners that they wanted to target. We created extensive research documentation on the ICPs pain points, goals, symptoms and other attributes.
Targeted industries for Wigzo's marketing automation
  • Data scraping and list creation: We scraped data from the world wide web along with their geolocation information to create relevant messaging based on locality for our cold email campaigns. In our messaging we leveraged naming the largest competitor in their city who were already using Wigzo’s platform. This created a sense of urgency for potential buyers.
  • Classification & Segmentation: This data was then classified into smaller, more manageable fragments used for crafting highly-persuasive and personalized email copy and subject lines in our campaigns.

2. Narrowing down the ICP

We’ve already talked about how generating organic demand requires an in-depth understanding of who you’re talking to? – and what are the things they care about which make them buy from you – again.

Here’s how we went a step further to analyze Wigzo’s ideal customers:

  • Message Identification: Keeping this in mind, we helped Wigzo narrow down their ideal customers and messaging for our campaigns.
  • Outreach Channel Selection: Email-based cold outreach & SMS were identified as the two main channels for targeting both online stores & offline retailers without a website.

3. Campaign Setup & Delivery

Once the ICP was clarified and the channels decided, we wrote email sequences and set up email & SMS outbound campaigns that could:

  • Communicate the core value proposition of Wigzo for each segment of retailers, and
  • Redirect potential prospects to check out Wigzo’s website & book a call with their sales team in a personalized & scalable manner.

4. Tracking

Our team consistently tracked the performance of these campaigns – analyzing metrics such as the number of positive responses received, reply rates and conversions.


118 leads in 6 months

Through personalized SMS & email campaigns at scale targeting ICP-focused decision-makers.

17,000+ contacts

Reached via cold outreach combining both SMS and email marketing channels.

Over USD 25k MRR added

In monthly recurring revenue through highly-personalized outbound campaigns at scale.

Wigzo email campaign results
  • We created a robust list building strategy to curate high-intent B2B lead lists that reached well over 30,000 decision-makers across multiple channels in the first 90 days itself.
  • The multichannel lead generation strategy used for Wigzo generated more than 15 leads in the first 30 days itself.
  • Our top performing campaigns achieved a reply rate of 10% for Wigzo calculated over period of 30 days. 
  • An average of 15 meetings were booked per month, with an estimated 350+ positive responses received over a period of 6 months on these campaigns. 
  • The company also added $25k in monthly recurring revenue (MRR) to their sales pipeline with our email & SMS marketing strategies implemented at scale. 
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July 23, 2023
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